Basic Config

Easy Digital Downloads contains four settings sections that need to be configured. This document will explain each of the sections, and each of the options within each section. The necessary short codes to make the plugin function are also described briefly.

All of these settings are located in Downloads > Settings from your WordPress Dashboard.


This tab contains some of the most basic settings for the plugin.

1. Test Mode - by checking this box, you place the plugin into "test" mode; this means that you can perform test purchases without recording live transactions. While in test mode, no real payments are made. Note, depending on the payment gateway you are using, there may be additional settings to configure that are specific to your gateway.

2. Checkout Page - this is the page that will act as your "checkout" page. When activated, the plugin will automatically create a "Checkout" page, which will contain the [download_checkout] short code. This short code is required in order for the checkout process to work. If you create a new page to act as the checkout page, ensure you place [download_checkout] within the page content.

3. Success Page - this is the WordPress page buyers are sent to after completing a successful purchase. The contents of this page are entirely optional, but usually contain information such as "Thank you for your purchase, an email with download links will be sent to you within a few minutes".

4. Failed Transaction Page - this is the WordPress page where buyers are sent if their transaction is cancelled or fails.

5. Currency - this is the currency used for all downloadable product prices. Choose the currency you wish to sell your products in. Note, not all payment gateways accept every currency listed here, please double check that all enabled payment gateways accept the currency you have chosen.

6. Currency Position - some currencies display the sign before the amount, and some display it after. This option allows you to change the location of the currency symbol.

7. Thousands Separator - this option allows you to define the grammatical marker that is used for separating thousands from hundreds in item prices. For example, if you use a comma, then prices will be displayed like this: $1,000. If you choose a period, then your prices will be rendered like this: $1.000.

8. Decimal Separator - this option allows you to define the grammatical marker that is used for separating decimal amounts from whole unit amounts in item prices. For example, if you use a comma, then prices will be displayed like this: $25,15, which represents 25 dollars and 15 cents. If you choose a period, then your prices will be rendered like this: $25.15, which also represents 25 dollars and 15 cents.

9. Usage Tracking - Enabling Usage Tracking will allow Easy Digital Downloads to track how the plugin is used. No personal info is ever collected. This helps us better improve the plugin.

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways are methods for accepting payments for your downloadable products. By default, Easy Digital Downloads comes with two gateways: PayPal Standard and Manual Payment.

Each installed gateway (more available in Extensions) can be enabled by clicking the check box next to it's name in the Payment Gateways list.

Accepted Payment Method Icons; - With this option you can display icons for the selected payment methods. You will also need to configure your gateway settings if you are accepting credit cards

Default Gateway - this specifies which payment gateway will automatically be loaded or selected on checkout.

PayPal Settings

PayPal Email - this is the email address that is registered with the PayPal account that you wish to use for receiving payments made through Easy Digital Downloads.

PayPal Page Style - this allows you to set the page style you wish to use when users checkout with PayPal. To learn more about custom page styles, click here.

Alternate PayPal Purchase Verification - this option enables an alternate method (instead of IPN) for verifying PayPal purchases. This should not be used except in situations where IPN cannot be made to work at all. Contact support if you need help with this.

Disable PayPal IPN Verification - if your payments are staying in "pending" mode, this option will help prevent this issue.

Manual / Test Payment

There are no settings for the manual payment gateway. This gateway is primarily designed for testing, as it allows you to purchase downloads without ever going through a payment gateway. When purchasing with the manual payment gateway, payments are immediately recorded (though no money is processed) and marked as complete. This, coupled with Test Mode, will easily allow you to see many of the features of the plugin in action.

Add-On Payment Gateway Documentation

The documentation for each individual gateway extension can be found under the Extensions > Gateways section of the documentation.


The Emails section allows you to configure the settings of the Purchase Receipt email that is sent to buyers when they purchase a download.

Email Template - you can use the default page template for your email receipts, or create and select a new template. Alternatively, you can go without a template and use plain text only.

Send Test Email (Button) - this button allows you to send a test email to your WordPress admin email address.

From Name - this is the name that emails are marked as coming from. Usually, this will be set to your site or store name.

From Email - this is the email address that purchase receipts are sent from. The address entered here, which defaults to the site's admin email if left blank, will also act as the "Reply To" email for when users send a reply back.

Purchase Email Subject - this is the subject line that will be used by the purchase receipt email. A common subject line is "Purchase Receipt".

Purchase Receipt - this is the main content of the purchase receipt email. The email is HTML enabled, meaning that you can place any formatting / styling you wish here, and it will be included in the email.

There are several template tags you can use in this email which will be dynamically replaced with information related to the buyer or the downloads the buyer purchased. The available tags are:

  • {name} - this will be replaced with the name of the buyer.
  • {fullname} - this will be replaced with the buyer's full name, first and last.
  • {download_list} - this will be replaced with a list of all downloadable products the person purchased, and also links to each of the downloadable files associated with the product.
  • {file_urls} - this will be replaced with a list of download URLs for each download purchased.
  • {date} - this will be replaced with the date the purchase was made.
  • {price} - this will be replaced with the total price of the user's purchase.
  • {subtotal} - this will be replaced with the price of the purchase before taxes.
  • {tax} - this will be replaced with the taxed amount of the purchase.
  • {receipt_id} - this will be replaced with the unique ID number for the purchase receipt.
  • {payment_method} - this will be replaced with the method of payment used for this purchase.
  • {sitename} - this will be replaced with the name of your site, as entered in the General WordPress Settings.
  • {receipt_link} - this will generate a link so customers can view the receipt directly in their browser.

Sale Notification Emails - here you can enter the email address(es) that should receive a notification anytime a sale is made, one per line.

Additional Template Tags - if you have purchased and installed Easy Digital Downloads extensions that include template tags of their own, they will be shown here.


The Styles tab allows you to adjust some overall appearance of the plugin. It also provides you the option to entirely disable all styles included with the plugin.

Disable Styles - this option, when checked, will disable all styling included with the plugin. For example, EDD includes styling that affects the appearance of the checkout page and purchase buttons. This option allows you to remove all of these included styles. This is primarily for advanced users who wish to manually customize the appearance of the plugin.

Default Button Style - Either Button or Plain Text, this option defines the way the add to cart and purchase buttons are displayed. This affects buttons globally across the site.

Default Button Color - This defines the default color used for purchase and add to cart buttons displayed across the site. The color selected here can be over written via the [purchase_link] short code.


The Taxes tab will allow you to configure simple tax rules for purchases.

Enable Taxes - by default, Taxes are disabled. Be sure to check "Enable Taxes" and click "Save Changes" for your options to take effect.

Tax Rate - enter the desired tax rate by specifying a percentage. You can also use decimal rates, such as "6.5" for 6.5% Tax. This is the default rate applied to customers.


The Misc tab contains some additional settings you can use to further enhance / customize Easy Digital Downloads. None of the settings in this section are vital to the function of the plugin.

Disable Ajax - this option, when checked, will disable ajax throughout the plugin (on the front end of the site). By default, actions such as adding a product to the shopping cart are performed without reloading the page, but when you disable ajax, these actions will cause a page reload. Sometimes disabling ajax is a good idea if you are experiencing jQuery conflicts.

Enable jQuery Validation - checking this option will enable live validation of checkout form fields, meaning that a user will not be able to submit, or complete, a purchase until all form fields contain valid information. When a field is invalid, it will be given a red border (unless over written by your theme's styles). This border will be removed as soon as the user corrects the information in the field.

Disable Live Credit Card Validation - as your customer enters their credit card type / number, by default this information will be validated. Checking this box will disable live verification for credit cards.

Disable Guest Checkout - by default, guests (non-logged-in users) are permitted to purchase downloads from your site, but if this option is checked, users will be forced to have an account and be logged-in if they wish to make a purchase. Note, downloads are only stored in a user's history if they are logged in.

Show Register / Login Forms - when checked, this option will cause login and registration form fields to be displayed on the checkout page. These fields allow for users to either login, or create an account and login, at the time of purchase, without requiring that they first login and then return to the checkout page.

Download Link Expiration - this is the number of hours file download links sent out in email receipts are valid. The default time is 24 hours. If you wish to extend or shorten the expiration time, simply enter the number of hours here.

Disable Redownload - this option should be used very carefully. If enabled, this will make it impossible for users to redownload their purchases from the purchase history page. This option causes the download links for each purchase to not be displayed.

Terms of Agreement

Agree to Terms - enabling this option will cause a "Agree to Our Terms" checkbox to be added to the checkout page. Customers will only be able to complete the purchase by checking the agree to terms box.

Agree to Terms Label - this is the text label shown for the agree to terms checkbox.

Agreement Text - this is the text shown for the terms of agreement. All text and media you enter in this box will be hidden by default, but shown when the Agree to Terms label is clicked.

Complete Purchase Text - this is the text shown on the button displayed at the last stage of the checkout process for "complete purchase".

Add To Cart text - this is the default text shown on add to cart buttons. The text entered here can be over written by defining the text in the [purchase_link] short code.

Short Codes

Easy Digital Downloads includes several short codes that are used for displaying purchase links, the checkout form and user's purchase history. Each is described briefly below.

[downloads] – shows a list or grid of downloadable products. Detailed instructions here.

[download_checkout] - this will display the checkout form for finalizing a download purchase. This should be placed on the page that you want to act as the checkout page.

[download_history] - this shows a list of all products the current user has purchased, including download links.

[purchase_history] - this shows a complete purchase history for the current user, including download links, dates, prices, etc.

[download_cart] - this will display the contents of the user's shopping cart. There is also a widget for this checkout.

[purchase_link id="#" text="Purchase" style="button" color="gray"] - this will display the purchase (add to cart) button for a specified download. The ID attribute must be set to the download you wish to display a purchase button for. Note, the specific short code for any download can be obtained from the main Downloads page in your dashboard.


  1. Melodye Yancey

    “Is there a way to have a different confirmation page for each download? Thanks.”

    I’m referring to the Success Page.


  2. Melodye Yancey

    Nervermind, just found the add-on. Thanks.


  3. Hello Pippin,

    first of all, thank you very much for your for EDD a great WP plugin I like so much.
    I’ve found the German translation for EDD, so I’m thankful for that.
    So I have only a little question :-) Where can I adjust the “Added to cart” string, to have it in german too.

    Thanx in advance for your help



  4. asi M

    I’ve enabled Usage Tracking, how can I receive my discount code?


  5. asi M

    yes it is exactly the email which I set as the admin of my site.


  6. tim

    I’ve purchased and installed Digital Store theme v 1.2.5 on a site running WP 3.8.1. Theme looks like nothing. No styling. None but the most basic options in the admin area appearance editor.

    Seems like something is wrong. I deleted and reinstalled the theme to no effect. Help.


  7. Hello. I have a simply question. How to set up Easy Digital Downloads to allow only registered users download a free file? Thanks.


    • One more question :-) Is there any option that when I have only screenshots so there will be only screenshot button and when I have only video that there will be only video button? Or should I edit it in code of module?


    • In Downloads > Settings > Misc check the box that says “Disable Guest Purchases”.

      I’m not completely sure I followed your second question, could you show me an example?


  8. Patrizia Belsito

    Hi Pippin… I’m setting the plug in and all seem to work fine, paypal works, but… maybe I’m stupid but I really can’t understaind :
    when you write “Accepted Payment Method Icons; – With this option you can display icons for the selected payment methods. You will also need to configure your gateway settings if you are accepting credit cards”
    ok, I want to configure my gateway settings for accepting credit cards, but I really don’t understand how to do it! :( please help!


  9. Michael Cannon

    Shortcodes on this page are showing as real items than shortcodes themselves. Need another [ and ] added to them?


  10. Tovolt

    Is it possible to force buyer to enter billing address, cuz currently all of my buers checkout without entering address, this way paypal’s selles protection is not valid. So I want users to enter address, so that my transaction come under sellers protection.

    By the way this is a Great plugin


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