Creating Your First Download

Creating your first download is very simple.

  • Click “Downloads” from your WordPress Dashboard menu
  • Click “Add New”
  • Enter in a Title and Description for the download
  • Add tags for the download, if desired
  • Select categories for the download, if desired
  • Set a Featured Image, if desired
  • In the “Download Configuration” box:
  • Set the price of the download
  • Enter names and file URLs for downloadable files
  • Choose the purchase button behavior, either Add to Cart or Buy Now
  • Enter a SKU for your product*

If you have problems or need additional help, please post in the support forum.

*To set your own SKU, you must first enable this option under Downloads > Settings > Misc > Accounting Settings. Check the box to Enable SKU Entry.

Extended documentation for each aspect of product configuration is covered in the Product Config section.


  1. Hi Pippin

    Clearly I am challenged here :) I added the blogs to my original website, specifically so that I could add Digital Downloads. After trying out a few, I found this to be the most user-friendly, although I still don’t have a clue what I am doing wrong.

    I did a few things right when I first installed it and managed to get my test payment/download right. Somewhere along the line I lost a “catalog” page reflecting all uploads.

    Now when I add a new download, I insert the files, images and everything goes absolutely perfectly, till the checkout. When that is through it tells me “No downloads found”.

    I tried something else but then the link on the new product page took me to the direct download link and so any visitor could bypass checkout. I seriously need some help here please, I am so keen to have this up and running properly, but this is day 2 on trying to get even the basics to work.

    Many thanks

  2. Hi Pippin

    I went to the link you sent, and ventured on to the other links inside of those posts.

    I have checked the Paypal settings, and Ajax, disabled and enabled, and nothing changes.

    I was keen to try and add the “session save” into my wp-config.php like you’d suggested to RoyHutton, but clearly I’m in the shallow end lol.. I read his posts and none of this makes any sense to me at all… Any event, for the life of my I don’t know where to find the wp-config.php, or if I actually do find it how to edit it. So I am none the wiser :(


  3. Hi Pippin

    I added session_save_path(realpath(dirname($_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT']) . ‘/../session’)); to my wp-config.php file, at the very beginning, which didn’t work, then in the middle which didn’t work, and then after the 5th attempt I gave up.

    While I was running the php I did go into the website and click to make a purchase. It took me to the payment page and when I clicked “checkout” it took me to the “purchase confirmation page” which only showed the code I mention above. I did however receive email confirmation of my purchase – of nothing.. no links description, nothing…

    Should I give up now? I feel like I’m banging my head against the wall here… :(

    • As I posted in the other thread, you will need to contact your host company for the complete implementation of the sessions as it can differ from host to host.

      We’re working on updating the plugin so that it doesn’t require sessions, but the update isn’t quite ready.

  4. Kristian

    Hi. Are all file extensions available to use with this plugin? Like exe, dmg and tar.

  5. I am starting to create downloads, and also am trying to use a search plug in that will search my downloads as a product search engine. The problem I am having is that whatever I enter in the content box for my download is on top of this ugly green rectangle when I view it. How can I get rid of this rectangle? Also, the title of the Download is also visible when you view the download, and I would prefer for customers only to see the formatted text I have in the content box.

  6. Jennifer

    When I click “Upload a file” , regardless of the file I upload, and select “Use this file” – nothing happens. The file isn’t inserted into the file field. I’ve tried multiple files and multiple formats.

    Furthermore I have no idea where the actual directory is that holds the downloads, so uploading manually isn’t too clear.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you

  7. Will

    I would like to add comments to the bottom of my “Downloads” page… Is this possible and if so how would I go about it?

    Thanks for helping

  8. Hi,

    I have a site running and tried to add the Short code created when adding a new download to an existing article I already created. Should this be possible? All I see is a blue square.

    If not, how can I add the Purchase button to other articles, pages?



  9. GJ

    I just watched the video but have to say some of the fields I see in it do not show up in my version I just downloaded. Also, the upload of files just have a basic attachment url and I am able to download the file from any browser. I did the upload from my computer. It appears the security is missing somewhere or I missed something?

  10. Is it possible to offer some of my items free to download without purchase however visitors would still need to add their email address to subscribe?

  11. Our eBook downloads are fairly large (~30-40MB) and are often downloaded directly to an iPad. When the user clicks their download link they are redirected to a blank safari page that shows while the file downloads which could take a minute or two. The blank page is causing our customers to think the download link is not working.

    Is there any way to add content to the page a customer sees after clicking an EDD download link? Something to look at while the file is downloading?

    • Hi Larry, no, I’m sorry, but that’s not possible. The issue is really that iPads are just not designed for file downloads. You’re able to download the files on the iPad because they are a format the iPad understands, but that’s about it.

      • We’re getting the same complaint on PCs too, from users who aren’t accustomed to downloading files. They click the link, reports show the file has downloaded, but the user doesn’t know anything happened. If we could just show them something, anything, to indicate that the click worked and the file is downloading…

        Any ideas?

  12. Mark Gray

    Hi Pippin, I have a pre-purchase question.

    I have a site where registered users will be able to pay to list their services. I have created a front-end form where they can add their information and later edit it if necessary. I want to restrict the page that has the form to those who have paid. It seems that your plugin does this, but I can’t quite figure out if it works when there is no actual digital product to download, which there isn’t in this case.

    I hope this makes sense. Cheers Mark

  13. dagenius

    It seems the files you can add to a download is limited to 10 files. How can I increase that?

  14. I added a product via your plug-in. When I went to purchase it via PayPal, the next screen that appeared was for PayPal | Sandbox. How do I get it to go directly to PayPal?


  15. NVS

    Hello! I set up a music store but when I went to test, it does not allow me to add single tracks from one same album. How can I make this work? Please advise at your earliest convenience. I’d like to get the audio player and the MailChimp extensions but I need to make sure this plugin is going to do what I need it to. Thank you very much!