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Promotional Sale Terms and Conditions

This document is an extension of the main Terms and Conditions document, and refers specifically to issues related to items purchased during a sale or promotion time.

Purchases before / after the sale

Oftentimes, customers make purchases just before a promotion/sale begins. Purchases made within the 24 hour window immediately before a sale will not be eligible for the promotional price adjustments (discounts). In the event you make a purchase within this window, you may, however, receive 20% off your purchase price as store credit. You must request this store credit, or your completed purchase will remain as-is. Please see the “Requesting a price adjustment” section below.

If requested, the store credit will be applied to your on-site “wallet” and is accessible from your account. You may use the credit to purchase additional items at anytime in the future. It does not expire.

Store credit examples:

  • If you make a $100.00 purchase within the 24 hour window before the sale, you are eligible to receive $20.00 in your EDD Wallet.
  • If you make a $495.00 purchase within the 24 hour window before the sale, you are eligible to receive $99.00 in your EDD Wallet.

Purchases after the sale

After the sale has ended, we can no longer offer the discounted sale price or store credit. There are no exceptions.

Purchases made without a discount

Discounts are managed through discount codes entered on the purchase form. Most times these are automatically filled in on the purchase form for you, but you may enter them yourself. In the event that a discount code is
not applied properly during a time when the you would otherwise qualify for the discount, the difference in prices will be credited to your EDD Wallet for a future sale.

Requesting a price adjustment

All requests for price adjustments and/or store credit must be submitted through our support form. Adjustments will not be made automatically, you must submit the request.