Coinbase Payment Gateway Setup Documentation

The Coinbase Payment Gateway requires a Coinbase.com, which is free to signup and use. Once you have a Coinbase account, go to your Coinbase Account Settings page and click on API:   Create a new API key and follow the instructions. Once an API key is created, copy the API Key and the API Secret. You will need these […]

Wish Lists Setup Documentation

EDD Wish Lists requires the free Easy Digital Downloads plugin, and is installed just like any other WordPress plugin.

Dropbox Sync Setup Documentation

Once Dropbox Sync is activated (see here for instructions on how to install an extension), a new “Dropbox Sync” submenu will be added to the main Downloads menu. In the Dropbox Sync page, you will be presented with an option to connect your site to your Dropbox account: Clicking the Authorize button will take you […]

Filter the sharing URL in EDD Social Discounts

With v2.01 of EDD Social Discounts a new filter was introduced for modifying the sharing URL. By default, when a user shares your product to one of the various sharing services, only the product’s URL is shared. One great use case of this new filter is to automatically append a string to the sharing URL.

Hide event tickets with EDD Tickets and EDD Hide Download

If you’re using Easy Digital Downloads in combination with EDD Tickets and The Events Calendar to sell tickets to your events, this tutorial will show you how to hide tickets from the download grid, yet keep the tickets visible on event pages.

Parsing ReadMe.txt files in WordPress Plugins

As of Software Licensing v2.4, readme.txt files can be automatically parsed and used to populate the update available dialogues in WordPress. This allows plugins to show all of the same standard information in the update dialog as plugins hosted on WordPress.org do.

Currency Converter Extension Setup

Easy Digital Download Currency Converter extension allow your customers to convert product prices to a currency of their choice easily. Easy Digital Download Currency Converter uses Open Exchange Rates for converting your product prices to a currency of your customers choice! It features currency detection and responsive design. Orders are still completed using the base currency […]

Frontend Submissions – Basic Setup

This doc will guide you through the basic setup of Frontend Submissions. Step 1 – Activate Frontend Submissions and enter your license key You will upload and activate Frontend Submissions just like any other plugin. Once you have done that, go to Downloads > Settings > Licenses and enter the license key that was included in your […]

Frontend Submissions – Email Configuration

Shortcodes: On the emails that the vendor and admins receive regarding applications (application received/approved/denied), the following shortcodes can be inserted: {firstname} - The first name of the vendor {lastname} - The last name of the vendor {fullname} – The full name of the vendor (first + last name: John Smith) {username} – The username of the vendor {sitename} – […]

Checkout Fields Manager Setup Documentation

The Checkout Fields Manager extension is extremely simple to setup and use. Once it is installed, a new menu called “Checkout Fields” will be added to the primary Downloads menu. After clicking on this link, you will be presented with a screen that has a drag-and-drop interface for adding and arranging checkout fields. To add […]

PayU India Payment Gateway Setup Documentation

Easy Digital Download PayU India is a gateway plugin that extends Easy Digital Download, allowing you to take payments via PayU. PayU cooperates with Visa and Mastercard Credit Cards and Debit cards. This means that you easily can take credit card payments as well as direct payments via any of the associated banks. When the […]