The edd_add_email_tag() function allows you to register custom email tags for purchase receipts and admin sale notifications.


This function can be used to check if test mode is enabled for Easy Digital Downloads.


This function can be used to check if ajax is enabled for Easy Digital Downloads. If you are integrating EDD into your theme, this may be very useful.


This function can be used for retrieving all downloadable files attached to a download product.


This function can be used for format a given price. It will return the result with a currency sign and formatted to the correct number of decimals.


This function will return an array of all of the variable prices set for the provided download ID.


This conditional function will allow you to check whether a user has purchased a particular digital product.


This function is used for retrieving an array of all downloadable files associated with a digital product. The function requires the ID of the download to retrieve files for and will return a multidimensional array.


This function can be used to retrieve the post object for a download by either ID or slug.


This function will check whether a download has variable prices enabled. If the specified ID has variable prices, the function will return true, otherwise it will return false.


This function will output a nicely formatted price of any specified download. It accepts one parameter for the ID of the download whose price should be displayed. edd_price($download_id); // will output something like $10 The price amount is formatted with the currency set in the plugin options, as well as the currency sign position. If […]