Short Codes

Purchase Summary – [edd_receipt]

After completing a purchase, the complete details of the purchase can be displayed to the customer with the short code. This will display a detailed break down of what the customer purchased, the amount of their purchase, the date, the receipt ID, and more.

Profile Editor – [edd_profile_editor]

Version 1.4 of Easy Digital Downloads introduced a new short code for displaying a profile editor that your customers can use for updating their information. The form allows users to change their first and last name, their email, their display name, and also their account password.

Login Form – [edd_login]

If you wish to display a login form for users that have created an account during registration (or any other time), Easy Digital Downloads includes a short code for doing so.

Show Downloads List / Grid – [downloads]

You can easily output a list or grid of downloadable products using the [downloads] short code. This short code accepts a variety of parameters that allow you to specify what downloads are displayed, and how they are displayed.

Show the Shopping Cart – [download_cart]

The shopping cart can be shown on any post or page with the [download_cart] short code. Each item in the shopping cart will be listed, along with a remove link to remove any item from the cart.

Show the Checkout Form – [download_checkout]

The [download_checkout] short code is used to display the checkout form on a page. This short code will show the contents of the shopping cart, as well as the form (for email, name, etc) for purchasing the digital products.

Display Purchase Buttons – [purchase_link]

The [purchase_link] short code is used to display to purchase button to any download anywhere your site. The button / link that is outputted will add the specified digital product to the shopping cart.