How to fix the strange HTML markup in download titles

A very common support issue on the EDD forums is “Why do my download titles look like this?”. Customers are referring to the strange HTML markup that appears in the product’s titles. Here’s how you can fix it.

List categories with links

This quick tutorial will show you how to list EDD’s categories with a link through to each one. If know a little bit of PHP, and you start with something simple, you can gradually build the HTML and style it accordingly with CSS to match your site’s design.

Enable drag and drop download ordering

This tutorial will show you how to achieve drag and drop ordering of downloads in Easy Digital Downloads. Downloads on your website (using the downloads shortcode) will be ordered exactly how you ordered them in the admin.

How to show the discount field by default

When discount codes are active in Easy Digital Downloads, a link appears at checkout, enabling customers to enter a discount code by clicking the “Click to enter it” link. This quick tutorial will modify the discount field to be shown by default, without any additional clicking.

Custom Button Images

In order to use your own images for EDD buttons, navigate to Downloads > Settings > Styles and change Default Button Styles to Plain Text. You can then use CSS to style. Here’s an example which allows you to change the image for the “Purchase” button: .edd-submit.plain { background: url(PATH_TO_IMAGE) !important; padding: 6px 8px !important; } Adjust the […]

Cart Item Templates

With the release of EDD 1.5, you can now style the look and layout of widget cart items. The template files used to display cart items are located in wp-content/plugins/easy-digital-downloads/includes/templates/ widget-cart-checkout.php widget-cart-empty.php widget-cart-item.php To modify them, do two things: Create a folder called edd_templates inside of your currently active theme’s directory. Copy the above files to the new folder […]

Customizing the Plugin CSS

If you want to modify the default styling included with the plugin, you can very easily do so in an upgrade-safe manner by copying the default CSS file to a specific folder inside of your theme, and then modifying the file to suit your needs.

Customizing the Download History Template

The download history is shown on any page with the [download_history] short code. It will show the name and download links for every file the current user has purchased. The exact layout and display of these elements can be easily modified through a template file placed inside of your theme.

Customizing the Purchase History Template

The purchase history is shown on any page with the [purchase_history] short code. It will show the ID, the date, and the amount of each purchase the current user has made. It will also display download links for each file associated with the products purchase. The exact layout and display of these elements can be […]

Creating Custom Add to Cart Links

A lot of times when building a site or theme with Easy Digital Downloads, you will want to create custom purchase/add-to-cart buttons that allow your users to purchase a digital product. Sometimes the button options that come with EDD are quite suited to your application. Luckily, there is a very simple way to turn any […]

Showing the Cart Quantity in Your Templates

It is very common for store themes to include a shopping cart icon along with the number of items in the shopping cart somewhere in the header, or in a sidebar. This snippet will show you how to do that.

Sample Product Grid for Your Theme

Creating a product grid, such as seen on the sample EDD Starter theme is something that you will want to do with a lot of digital store themes. To help you out, here is a sample grid template file.