Setting Up the Shopping Cart

The shopping cart for Easy Digital Downloads can be displayed in three different ways:

  • A widget – add the “Downloads Cart” widget to any widget area
  • A short code – place [download_cart] into the content of any post, page, or text widget
  • A template tag (advanced users) – place the following function in your chosen theme template file:
    // to store in a variable
    $cart = edd_shopping_cart(false);
    // to echo and display

Using the Downloads Cart Widget
The Downloads Cart widget is located under Appearance > Widgets. To get a simple display of the cart contents, including the option to remove any item, or proceed straight to Checkout, place this widget in any widget area on your site.

Setting up the Main Checkout Page
By default, Easy Digital Downloads creates a checkout page in your WordPress pages database. Should you find this page missing, you can re-create it by following the instructions on our Plugin Pages doc.


  1. Hello. I’m trying ti create a page on my blog to sell my e books.
    I’m testing your plungin and looks great,.
    But I don’t know how I can create the page with the products, I mean: , a create a page, and I saw your video and did what you say there.
    But I don’t see the donwloads for sale as I saw in your video. There a function – insert download, maybe it’s that but when I click there just a white window open.
    I don’t know if I’m explaining weel, sorry, Hope you help me


  2. Bob


    Can I create a direct buying link without adding the product to the shopping cart ?

    We are selling only one product at the sales page and the process of adding to shopping cart and then going through the checkout is 2 steps longer than it needed.


  3. Nitesh

    Hi Pippin,

    I’ve couple of doubts for setting up checkout page for EDD.
    Since my site is not live yet, I’m using coming soon plugin which means you’ll have to login to see the checkout page.


    user – pippin
    passwd -pippin

    Go to:
    Click buy button for Ultimate Pro
    See checkout page

    I’ve used this code for my “buy now” button:

    Doubt 1: How to get ID_OF_THE_DOWNLOAD?
    I’ve copied purchase_link id= 656 which is displayed under “All downloads -> Purchase shortcode.

    Doubt 2: You’ll notice that when you click buy, there are 2 copies added to checkout. How can I fix this?

    Doubt 3: Format Error: Items table & Payment Method are aligned on same row.
    What should I change to show them on different rows (one below another).

    Kindly provide answers separately for all doubts.



  4. JustaDingbat

    I’ve been trying to register to your support forum but it tells me invalid username.

    I figure I would ask here and possibly get an answer.
    I need to have an “email form” where people can submit information prior to me putting them into complete status.

    Here’s what I mean;

    User > Download File> INPUT FORM INFORMATION > Email to Admin
    Admin > Review Information > Put into Complete Status Manually

    Is there a way to bypass the Payment Gateway process with just a form they submit information with?



  5. No matter what I do – incl. reinstalling, when I press purchase it says there is 1 item in the basket, but the price is 0 – and I have set a price on the product! (there is a difference between your video and the plugin here!)

    But what is worse is that even though it say that there is 1 item in the cart and I click to view the cart, it is empty. What am I doing wrong?


  6. KM

    Hi, I’ve the same problem on the “remove” function in the widget. It doesn’t work when AJAX is enabled. If AJAX is disabled. it works.I also tried to add your advised program statement to my theme’s function.php. No luck, it doesn’t work. Since my website is in development stage. It has not online yet. I cannot let u in to take a look. Can u post solution here? Thanks.


  7. Tim

    Hi great work on this plugin.. Its very intuitive and fills a gap in the market! I am just integrating your plugin into my website as I develop it. I have manage to follow all your videos, tutorials and have looked through the comments for the solution to my problem. When you go to the downloads page which is in a drop below Dj mixes I have set up my first mp3 to download for 3. Users registration works fine, so does add to cart. But when the save button appears on the form for the user details nothing happens when you click to save and download file.
    My website is


  8. Andy McLeod

    Can we have custom buttons with images instead of text.

    I am trying have image button instead of regular text button.

    Here is my website link : in here you will see both buttons


  9. Hi there,
    I’ve added a free download album to our site and the checkout works ok on a Macintosh system. but PC users only see an empty basket when they go to the checkout.

    Any ideas would be gratefully received.


  10. Russell Freeman

    Pippin hello, can you please tell me where to change the check out page for the number of fields to fill in.

    I wish to not collect the billing information area, not needed to run a credit card. AND make the fields e-mail, first name, last name all on one line. Then collect the credit card number, CVC, expire info.

    I saw your demo cart had this done, can not seem to find where to make these changes, thank you. Rusty


  11. I am trying to configure your plugin on my site, and I have a problem with your [download_checkout]. I am working with the french version. I have to take into account a 21% VAT. I test with an item the price of which is 0,74 euros without VAT, 0,15 euros VAT, total price 0,89 euros with VAT. Everything calculates well, except for a “subtotal”, indicated just under the “save the cart” button, which indicates a value of:
    “0,89 euros (without the tax)”
    Could you please let me know where I made a mistake?
    Thanks in advance!


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