Show Downloads List / Grid – [downloads]

You can easily output a list or grid of downloadable products using the [downloads] short code. This short code accepts a variety of parameters that allow you to specify what downloads are displayed, and how they are displayed.

To show downloads with the default configuration, use this:


This will output the downloads in a three column grid with thumbnails (if present), a 30 word excerpt, and a purchase button that says “Add to Cart”.

If you wish to modify this output, here is a list of the parameters:

  • category
  • exclude_category
  • tags
  • exclude_tags
  • relation
  • number
  • price
  • excerpt
  • full_content
  • buy_button
  • columns
  • thumbnails
  • orderby
  • order
  • ids

Both the category and tags parameters accept a comma separated list of slugs or IDs. For example:

[downloads category="14,themes" tags="WordPress,SEO"]

The exclude_category and exclude_tags parameters are used to prevent downloads with specific categories or tags from being displayed. Use a comma separated list of slugs for each.

The order parameter accepts either “DESC” or “ASC”.

The orderby parameter accepts the following options:

  • price
  • id
  • random
  • post_date
  • title

The number and columns parameters accept a numerical value. Specify the maximum number of downloads you want to outputted by the shortcode, as well as the number of columns. For example:

[downloads number="15" columns="3"]

The relation option is for specifying whether the downloads displayed have to be in ALL the categories/tags provided, or just in at least one. Use “AND” for showing downloads that are filed in every category/tag (very specific), and use “OR” for showing downloads filed in any of the given categories / tags. Leave both of these blank to show all downloads.

Price, excerpt, full_content and buy_button accept “yes” or “no”.

The thumbnails parameter requires “true” or “false”.

The ids parameter accepts specific download IDs. You can specify multiple download IDs using comma separated values. For example:

[downloads ids="3,4,17"]


[downloads category="plugins,themes" number="10" columns="2"]


  1. Hello,
    after the update I have no purchase buttons in the downloads section, just the price in plain text is there.

    My shortcode in downloads: [downloads full_content="yes" excerpt="no" orderby="random" price="yes" thumbnails="true" columns="1"]

    Purchase button is present in the downloads themselves, but not in the downloads section.

    Can you help me?



  2. Michel

    you should correct an error in this guide:

    [downloads category="14,themes" tag="WordPress,SEO"]

    Is the example provided by you for tags parameter, the way it must be is tags=”WordPress,SEO” not tag=….


  3. Rustam

    Good day Pippin! I want to make output on one line Title – Price – button to cart.
    My code [downloads number = "100" columns = "1" price = "yes"] or it depends on my theme?


  4. Hello Pippin,

    I have a couple questions.

    question 1: Is there a way to do a [downloads featured/category="category-slug"] similarly is there a way for “top downloads”. What i want to do is create a page for each category and each category page will have their own featured and top download section and then a list of all items in that category

    Question 2: This question might be better in front-end submission forum, but here goes. When a front end vendor submits a product and selects the category, is there a way to subdivide the selections so that they can select parent category, then below select the subcategory. I am asking this for example say i have 10 categories and each category has 10 subcategories. I don’t want my vendors to have to scroll through 100 category types to choose the specific one. It would be easier if they choose parent category and then only the subcategories for that parent category is listed.

    Thanks for an awesome plugin! let me know if this is achievable in anyway, and thanks in advance!



  5. Barbara Feldman

    Is there a parameter (or a trick?) to turning pagination off for the download shortcode?


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