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Gravity Forms Checkout

Create powerful purchase forms for any product through Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms Logo
Get access with an All Access Pass Easy Digital Downloads has everything you need to create your online store in minutes.

Current version: 1.5.3

Gravity Forms Checkout combines the tremendous power of Gravity Forms with the ease and simplicity of Easy Digital Downloads. The extension allows you to create purchase forms for any of your products through Gravity Forms. With a purchase form created through Gravity Forms, customers purchase the product simply by filling out the form, completely bypassing the standard EDD checkout page. This allows you to take advantage of Gravity Forms amazing conditional logic, calculation fields, and more.

The power of Gravity Forms combined with the reporting and file delivery of Easy Digital Downloads.

In short, Gravity Forms Checkout lets you create the perfect purchase form for your website, whatever your requirements are.

Gravity Forms Checkout Features

  • Create dedicated purchase forms for any product
  • Use with any Gravity Forms payment add-on
  • Purchase multiple products through a single form
  • Place purchase forms on any page
  • Supports all Gravity Forms field types
  • Uses Gravity Forms’ powerful calculation fields
  • Supports all Gravity Forms conditional logic
  • Supports Gravity Forms notification settings
  • Limit the number of purchases allowed
  • Limit when purchases can be made
  • Use EDD’s powerful reporting
  • Use EDD’s digital file delivery system

Who Should Use Gravity Forms Checkout?

Anyone that wants complete control over the form used to purchase their products, but here are a few specific examples:

  • Hosting services that allow customers to choose optional features that impact the final purchase price.
  • Website maintenance services. Let customers choose the features they want with the service.
  • Event ticketing managers. Create powerful registration forms where attendees can fill out all required information.
  • Software distributors. Give the customers the option to choose the version they need.
  • Digital print designers. Allow customers to give exact specifics on the kind of print they want.
  • Website template designers / developers. Give customers a choice of template to purchase.

All of these examples can greatly benefit from the sheer power that Gravity Forms provides for form building capability, and all of them benefit tremendously from the reporting and file delivery of Easy Digital Downloads.

Demonstration Video

Answers to Common Questions

Why do I need this extension, couldn’t I just use Gravity Forms by itself?

Gravity Forms has amazingly powerful form building capability, but when it comes to e-commerce, the reporting features of Gravity Forms are a bit weak when compared to the reporting included in Easy Digital Downloads. This extension not only lets you add purchase forms to any page on your site, it lets you leverage the tremendous form building power of Gravity Forms and the superb reporting functionality of Easy Digital Downloads.

Does Gravity Forms for EDD support subscription payments?

Not at this time.

Can customers access their purchase history for purchases made through Gravity Forms Checkout?

Yes, purchases are stored in exactly the same way, regardless of which method customers use to purchase the product(s). If customers have an account, they will be able to access their complete purchase history and download links from their account page.

Can I use the Gravity Forms add-ons, such as MailChimp or User Registration with Gravity Forms Checkout?

Yes, Gravity Forms Checkout works perfectly with all Gravity Forms add-ons.

Can I use standard EDD payment gateways with Gravity Forms Checkout?

No, since the purchase process is handled through Gravity Forms, you need to use one of the payment add-ons for Gravity Forms.

Can I use discount codes with Gravity Forms Checkout?

The standard EDD discount codes do not work with Gravity Forms Checkout, but the Coupons add-on for Gravity Forms works perfectly.

How do customers get their download links?

After completing the purchase, customers are sent a purchase receipt via email containing all download links and purchase information. This is the same purchase receipt that EDD sends for the standard checkout procedure. Using the {receipt_link} template tag in the emails, you can also allow customers to view the receipt and download links directly on the website.

Can I use the EDD tax system with this?

No, the EDD tax options are not supported for purchases made through Gravity Forms Checkout.

What version of Easy Digital Downloads and Gravity Forms is required?

This extension requires Easy Digital Downloads version 1.9 or later and Gravity Forms version 1.8 or later.