Affiliates Pro Integration Pack

Affiliates Pro is a phenomenal WordPress plugin that allows you to create a complete affiliate system within your WordPress website, without requiring any third party services.

Boost Sales with Affiliate Marketing for your WordPress site.

The Affiliates Pro plugin provides an affiliate management system for sellers, shops and developers, who want to increase sales with their own affiliate program immediately.

Features of Affiliates Pro

  • Real-time reporting
  • Referrals and affiliate link statistics are recorded and available instantly, as transactions are processed.
  • Unlimited Affiliates
  • Easy affiliate recruitment
  • Affiliates can sign themselves up or be added manually
  • Fixed, percentage or formula based commissions
  • Referral amounts can be flat rates, percentage of net sales amounts and based on custom formulas.
  • Support for default referral rates, and user-specific rates
  • Flexible affiliate areas
  • Create as many pages as you need showing affiliates their stats, banners, links, profile, …
  • PayPal Mass Payments
  • Simply pay your affiliates all at once. Pay-outs can be based on accumulated totals.
  • Quick & Easy Installation
  • Upload/install and activate the plugin from your WordPress Dashboard.


These screenshots are of the Affiliate Pro plugin itself.

This integration pack includes two plugins:

  1. Affiliates Pro
  2. Easy Digital Downloads Affiliates Pro Integration

For documentation on using Affiliates Pro, please refer to the plugin’s official documentation.

Affiliates Pro is the same plugin that powers this website’s affiliate program.

Change Log

Affiliates Pro

Version 2.4.0

addded missing text domains on labels
fixed some options not being saved under certain conditions
fixed cookie expiration for 0 days
GUI improvements (labels/checkboxes)
GUI improvements (highlight active filters)
Example contact form now produces a reference for referrals
added affiliate email search filter
improved hit recording (not querying robots when unused)
added referral notifications by status
added alternative admin email option for notifications
fixed empty filters without clearing on affiliates screen

EDD Integration

Version 1.2.0
added status update synchronization between payments and referrals
added dependency checks

Version 1.1.1

updated to use edd_… functions to retrieve payment meta and amount

Version 1.1.0
Updated integration to work with changed payment data.
Added update notifier.

Version 1.0
initial release