Custom Prices

Allow customers to enter a pay-what-you-want price.

This extension adds an option to each download product that lets you enable a “custom” or “pay-what-you-want” price so customers can enter the amount they wish to pay. This is excellent for donation type products.

Along with enabling custom prices, you can also set a minimum amount for each product.


Check “Enable custom pricing” in the Download Configuration (under pricing options). Enter a minimum amount (optional).

Requires Easy Digital Downloads version 1.9.5 or later.

Change Log

Version 1.3.6, May 22, 2014

Fix bug with buy now (direct to checkout)

Version 1.3.5, March 8, 2014
Allow custom text to be entered when using shortcode (requires EDD 1.9.7+).

Version 1.3.4, February 4, 2014
Fix zero price bug
Allow button text to be changed regardless of the download price

Version 1.3.3, January 15, 2014
Fix JS bug
Update license handler
Add check for EDD activation

Version 1.3.2, December 30, 2013
Fix JavaScript bug
Fix PHP notices
Fix payment history/email display issues

Version 1.3.1, December 2, 2013
Fix bug with continuous loop
Take into account the currency position when entering a custom price
Update translation functions
Hide min price if it’s zero
Fix PHP notice
Add ability to change “Free – Purchase” text when no price is set for a download
Add ability to specify a custom price via the URL e.g. /downloads/custom-price/?cp_price=9.99

Version 1.3.0, October 31, 2013
Fix compatibility issues with EDD 1.8+
Introduce ability to add a bonus item to cart if certain conditions are met

Version 1.2.5
Add compatibility for Buy Now downloads (straight to gateway)

Version 1.2.4
Localize currency and add to cart text for better compatibility
Fix issue with download price being set to zero with 1.7+

Version 1.2.3
Fixed compatibly issue with EDD 1.7

Version 1.2.2
This update requires EDD version 1.6.4
Fix issue with tax calculations
Add support for European currency formats

Version 1.2.1
Fixed an issue with entering ’0′ in the price.

Version 1.2
Fix bug with downloads not working correctly when custom pricing is disabled.

Version 1.1
Fix bug with multiple custom prices on one page.
Show error if custom price is lower than minimum price on none variable pricing downloads.
Set download price to minimum price as fall-back instead of product price.

Version 1.0
Initial release.