Easy Digital Downloads

Vendd was created to be a simple theme suitable for many types of content. However, very specific enhancements have been made to support Easy Digital Downloads (EDD).

If you have EDD installed, there are certain pages that your store will depend on. Along with styling and considerations for those pages, Vendd also adds new setting to the Theme Customizer for easy control.

Have a look at some of the key features of the EDD integration.

The Downloads Shortcode

downloads-shortcode-itemAt the heart of most EDD sites is the [downloads] shortcode. It is by far the easiest way to display your products on the front-end.

However, most EDD-ready themes have their own templates for displaying downloads. While this is fine, it can take away from the EDD experience. As an EDD user, you should be able to use the downloads shortcode however you’d like. That’s why Vendd does not interfere.

Vendd designs all elements of the downloads shortcode and even adds additional functionality for a better experience.

This means you do not have to learn anything new to use Vendd. Use the downloads shortcode just as you would in a default WordPress theme. Vendd will take care of the rest.

The Checkout Page

Installing and activating EDD for the first time created a few WordPress pages for you with content already in them. The Checkout page was part of that process and includes the [download_checkout] shortcode.

empty-cart-settingsWhen a visitor to your store adds an item to his or her shopping cart, the Checkout page will display that item, its price, and a form for completing the transaction. If the cart is empty, an empty cart message displays.

Vendd enhances the cart experience on both sides of the coin. Using the EDD Checkout page template for your Checkout page, all distractions will be removed from the page and the content will be centered and focused.

This helps your visitors complete the transaction. Likewise, when no items are in the cart, Vendd allows you to easily customize the displayed message and even show them products that they might be interested in.

Purchase History/Members Area

Vendd ships with a page template to better display EDD’s [purchase_history] shortcode. Like the Checkout page, this is one of the default EDD pages.

members-page-templateVendd also introduces a Members Area template. It displays the purchase history as well as a profile editor. That way you can easily create a dashboard for your previous customers.

Both elements of this template use EDD core shortcodes and therefore control what content can be seen by the user trying to view the page. The EDD Members Area template is a true “plug & play” solution.

You do not have to place any shortcodes on your WordPress page. Simply create a new page and select the appropriate template.

Other EDD Considerations

Vendd does a number of other things to enhance your EDD experience.

From the Theme Customizer, you can control the color of all EDD buttons with a full-featured color picker. It is designed to use EDD’s settings or override them with your own color choice.

You can easily select whether or not you want to allow comments on your single download pages. If you choose to do so, there is also additional support added for the Product Reviews extension.

Download categories and tags are designed to display just like the downloads shortcode for a consistent experience across your entire store.

The list goes on. Continue looking around the Vendd demo or go claim your copy of Vendd.