Version 2.6 beta 1 now available

Easy Digital Downloads version 2.6 is getting close to being ready. Today we’re happy to announce the first beta version of the release.

There are numerous significant improvements in 2.6 and we would like to encourage all theme and plugin developers, as well as store owners, to test the beta version as soon as possible so that we can ensure the final release goes smoothly.

Markup changes on checkout in version 2.6

Version 2.6 of Easy Digital Downloads is approaching the first beta release. Among many other changes in 2.6, we have made a small adjustment to the HTML markup of the checkout screen. To ensure the update goes as smoothly as possible, it’s important that developers are aware of the change so that any styling updates necessary in themes can be completed as soon as possible.

Please use EDD_Payment

In Easy Digital Downloads version 2.5, we introduced a new class called EDD_Payment. This class provides easy-to-use methods for interacting with payment data in Easy Digital Downloads. It covers retrieving payment records, creating new payments, updating payments, and deleting payments. It is a complete abstraction for the underlying data structure of the payment records.