Markup changes on checkout in version 2.6

Version 2.6 of Easy Digital Downloads is approaching the first beta release. Among many other changes in 2.6, we have made a small adjustment to the HTML markup of the checkout screen. To ensure the update goes as smoothly as possible, it’s important that developers are aware of the change so that any styling updates necessary in themes can be completed as soon as possible.

As noted by Justin Tadlock on issue 3568, we were using invalid markup for the legend tags in our fieldset elemens. Each legend was being wrapped by a span tag. According to HTML specificationslegend tags should always be the first child of the parent fieldset. Since our legend tags were wrapped by span tags, this made our markup technically incorrect.

You can see the exact changes here.

It is a very minor change but one that could have an affect on the exact presentation of the checkout form depending on the theme that is activated on the website.

Our team has tested a large number of the most popular Easy Digital Downloads themes, including all of our own, to ensure all necessary adjustments are made and released before version 2.6 is released. We are now asking you, our valuable development community, to test your own themes and websites as well to help us make the 2.6 release as smooth as possible.

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Will you be updating the payment gateways like Stripe at the same time?

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