Updates to EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater and EDD_Theme_Updater classes

With the most recent release of the Software Licensing extension (version 3.5.4) a few small changes were made to the EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater and the EDD_Theme_Updater to fix some bugs found in 3.5 release.

Newest versions are:

  • EDD_Theme_Updater — 1.0.3
  • EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater —1.6.10


  • Fix: Theme Updater/Plugin Updater: Cache now respects the ‘beta’ flag in the cache key, so that requests for betas and stable versions are cached separately.
  • Fix: Plugin Updater: Banners and Changelog Sections are now verifying data is an array before saving, matching with the WordPress Plugin Updater API.

Valid license holders can get these new sample files from within the Downloads section of your account.

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I’ll look over PR shortly.

The SL Plugin Updater does support MultiSite, just not in a general overview. This is because each site within a network is determined to be a separate activation. If using site options, it might allow a non-activated sub-site to update itself even though it’s not authorized.

Ok thanks for the infos!

I thought usage standard was to let network admin activate a global license for the whole network, but if the standard is to have one site->one license, then ok !

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