Easy Digital Downloads 3.0 Update – January 14, 1019

Welcome back from the holidays, and as we stated before our holiday break we’re back with a bi-weekly Easy Digital Downloads 3.0 progress update. Over the holidays and last few weeks we’ve been working through to get some of the UI bugs fixed. Here are the highlights of the changes since our last update.

Improved AJAX responses for new AJAX actions

Easy Digital Downloads uses AJAX to make for a better user and administrative experience. They are collectively called “EDD Actions” when we use them via AJAX. In our pre-3.0 EDD Actions, we’ve always done our best to do as much error handling as we can. When presented with an error response we have always written the response to be -1. While this functions as a way for us to know that the AJAX response had an error, it doesn’t quite provide us with enough information to provide a better user experience to inform the user of an action that ends in error.

In 3.0, we’ve added some new EDD Actions, but these will respond with a full JSON response when they are presented with an error, instead of the -1, as with our existing actions. These new actions are all centered around the new ‘Add Order’ process. If all works as expected, we’ll investigate on making all our AJAX responses have full JSON responses, which should allow people customizing their EDD Shops to better serve their customers error messages when there is a problem.

View the issue on GitHub.

UI Fixes and improvements

A number of UI improvements and fixes were corrected, mostly centered around the administrative sections of Easy Digital Downloads. Here are some of those fixes:

  • Card icon was no longer showing on checkout when entering the card number (#7087)
  • Improved backwards compatibility of the ‘card’ view for extensions (#6773)
  • Improved reports compatibility on larger screens (#7080)
  • Updated tax settings to only show the rates subsection when taxes are enabled (#7109)

Status change for ‘completed’ orders

In the past, orders (previously called payments) were stored in the same table as Posts and Pages. Therefore, we made the decision to take a ‘completed’ order and mark it with a status of ‘publish’ in the database. On the front end, this was output as ‘Completed’, but all of the code and database records referenced ‘publish’ as the end state of an order that was in good standing. In Easy Digital Downloads 3.0 we’re changing this. Thanks to our new database tables we no longer feel the need to adhere to this status and have switched a ‘completed’ order to have a status of ‘complete’ in the database. This just brings our code and visual output into a more cohesive state, which makes Easy Digital Downloads easier to work with from a development perspective.

While not yet merged into the release/3.0 branch, the changes are code-complete and ready for testing. If you want to follow along, you can view this issue on GitHub.

Other improvements and bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where pasting in a URL for a file download would still deliver the old file that had been uploaded using the File Upload Dialog. (#6713)
  • Improved the [downloads] shortcode to not fatal error when it is used on a single download page. (#6072)
  • Corrected inconsistencies in the new Order Adjustments section of the Add Order screen. (#7108)
  • Fixed a bug that caused a fatal error when creating a new customer while editing an existing order. (#7096)
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The update blog post is appreciated as always 🙂 Any update available on eta/timeline too?

At this point, not quite. I’ll have a timeline hopefully in the next update. Working through a few of the final things that are critical to a beta being ready, which includes some extension testing. This is were a bulk of the time will be, before the beta.

Thanks. I was excited to see RCP’s new version have a rough timeline on their update 🙂

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