Recurring Payments 2.7 beta now available

The first beta for version 2.7 of our Recurring Payments plugin is now available. There are a number of significant improvements and several bug fixes included in this upcoming release.

Improved renewal reports

The graph shown in Downloads → Reports → Subscription Renewals has been updated to include stats for renewal payments that have been refunded, which helps to provide a better understanding of the renewal success rate for subscriptions.

PayPal Express in-context payments

We have added support for In-Context payments through PayPal Express for subscription purchases. This allows customers to complete their subscription purchases without leaving your website. The subscription purchase is completed through a pop-up window shown on the main checkout screen instead of redirecting customers to PayPal.

Subscription notes

Subscription records now include an option to record and show private, internal notes. These notes can be added manually by site administrators and also include automatically-recorded notes when subscription statuses change.

Other improvements

  • Renewal payments now show a direct link to their corresponding subscription on the View Order Details screen
  • Test subscriptions now show a Cancel link
  • Renewal links from Software Licensing are now hidden on license keys that are associated with an active subscription
  • The search field on the subscriptions table now includes support for searching by product name and customer email
  • Free trials are now automatically disabled when upgrading and/or renewing license keys in Software Licensing
  • Thorough unit tests have been added to help protect against future bugs being introduced
  • Expiration dates on license keys are now automatically rolled back when a renewal payment is refunded

Bug fixes

  • Duplicate subscriptions sometimes created when recovering abandoned payments
  • Refunding renewal payments in Stripe can result in the original purchase being incorrectly marked as refunded
  • Creation date improperly required when manually creating subscription records
  • Subscriptions table fails to show results when searching for any value that includes “id”
  • get_child_payments() method of EDD_Subscription incorrectly retrieves payments from other subscriptions
  • Incorrect amounts sent to Stripe for zero-decimal currencies
  • Arguments filter missing from PayPal Express

Beta Testing

The first beta of Recurring Payments version 2.7 is available to all valid license holders now, allowing store owners to try it out on their staging environments before going live with it. We’ve been using it on our site prior to releasing this beta and are confident with this version, but we encourage testing first to be sure. To learn how to opt-in to beta versions of our extensions, you can use this guide.

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Great job guys! I’ve been doing subscriptions for over a decade and understanding renewal data is always a challenge. This will help a lot. Love the subscription notes too.


One feature I missed or not sure if I overlooked, but the integration between coupons and recurring payments should be more tight. What I mean is, when I create a coupon, I should have the option to set it as a recurring coupon or just the first payment.

Right now whenever I use a coupon, everyone gets the discount for recurring payments and there is no option to turn that off. Ideally I would like to offer a coupon for the first payment, the renewal payments should have the original payment amount.

Using this feature in WooCommerce for a long time, but missing in EDD.


In that vein though, that’s the one thing I do miss from WooCommerce Subscriptions: the ability to set a recurring discount OR a one-time discount on a PER COUPON basis. If I’m running a promotion that gives x% off the first year and then one individual customer needs a recurring discount (if they were a beta tester or a friend or local associate, for example), I can’t give it to them without interrupting the site-wide promotion. So I can’t really use the one-time discount option – It has a pretty major impact on the business model. So I’d vote for having that option be a coupon-based option instead of a site-wide setting.

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