All Access and Stripe extension updates released

Our All Access extension and our Stripe Payment Gateway were both updated in the last week with a series of bug fixes and improvements.

All Access version 1.1.2

This version included nine separate improvements.

A new report option has been added that allows site admins to view the most popular products based on the file download activity of customers.

The [edd_aa_customer_passes] shortcode has been improved so that it shows customers a history of their file downloads.

The [edd_aa_all_access] shortcode now accepts multiple product IDs, allowing you to restrict content to multiple All Access Passes.

The Process All Access Passes tool has been re-named to Backfill All Access Passes to better describe what it does.

The display of purchase buttons to customers that have lifetime all access passes has been improved so that they are not improperly shown a Renew option.

Behind the scenes we have also made a few improvements:

  • Access passes are now properly migrated when a payment record is moved from one customer to another
  • The user capabilities used for upgrade routines now match those used in EDD core
  • Instances of EDD_Payment have been replaced with edd_get_payment() for improved compatibility with the upcoming Easy Digital Downloads 3.0 version

Along with the improvements above, we have also fixed four distinct bugs:

  • License keys purchased for a product that has All Access enabled on it after the license key is purchased do not return the proper API responses
  • Downloads per day not properly reset for customers that do not log in for more than a year
  • Access Passes associated with a variable price do not sync properly with license expirations
  • An error occurred when a payment record did not have a customer attached to it

Stripe Payment Gateway version 2.7.5

The processing logic that handles partial refunds detected via Stripe webhooks was previously held inside the Recurring Payments plugin. That logic has now been moved into the Stripe Payment Gateway for improved maintainability.

The Card Name field has been been updated to include placeholder text for improved user experience.

We have also fixed five distinct bugs:

  • CSS was not properly loaded within the WordPress admin
  • Purchases failed if a cart item title exceeded 1,000 characters
  • “Buy Now” was still taking precedence even though the Stripe Checkout option is no longer available
  • There were improperly localized strings in template-functions.php
  • Creating a pre-approval with a new payment method failed

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Really great to have the All Access Pass Report on most popular products. Just a suggestion:

It would be REALLY great to have a ‘collective’ report (all encompassing) instead of individual subscription products (or All Access Passes).

I have over 20 different subscriptions (All Access Passes) and it gives a report for each individual one … which is great … but I would really love to be able to see a collective report that tells me the most popular downloads across all subscription packages.

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