Updates to our Authorize.net integration

Authorize.net is one of our more popular payment gateway integrations and we have just completed a series of updates to the integration we offer for Authorize.net in Easy Digital Downloads.

There are two plugin updates that you may need to install if you accept payments through Authorize.net with Easy Digital Downloads:

The biggest change in these updates is that we have moved the processing logic for automatic subscriptions in Authorize.net out of the Recurring Payments plugin and into the payment gateway plugin itself.

Previously the Authorize.net SDK and basic gateway logic was hosted inside the edd-authorize-net plugin and the logic for automatic subscriptions was in the edd-recurring plugin. There were some benefits to this but mostly it led to confusion and unnecessary development complexity.

By moving all of the subscription logic into the gateway plugin, we can now more rapidly and with more ease release updates and improvements to the Authorize.net integration.

With these updates, we have also introduced some significant improvements.

  1. The Authorize.net SDK has been updated to the latest version
  2. We introduced support for Webhooks, replacing the now-deprecated Silent Post feature in Authorize.net
  3. We have fixed a significant bug with monthly subscriptions and free trial periods
  4. We have replaced MD5 transHash with transHashSHA2 for webhook verification

If you use one or both of these plugins, please update to the latest versions to ensure full compatibility with all features.

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