Changes to get_version API response in Software Licensing

Software Licensing version 3.4.4 was released a few minutes ago. This release is a minor release that addresses a few small bugs but there is one important change in it that developers should be aware of.

A few months ago, in version 3.4, we made a change to the Software Licensing API that made it so a valid license key was not required in order to use the get_version request. This decision was made for two primary reasons:

  1. It dramatically improved performance of get_version requests
  2. It made sense to display update notifications to all customers, even if their license key was invalid

We made that change with the goal of increasing the number of customers that see and install updates, while also increasing renewal rates for store owners. When customers see an update available, they are more likely to renew their license.

There was a caveat with this change, however. A license key was still required; it just didn’t matter whether the license key was active, inactivate, expired, or any other status.

In version 3.4.4, we have adjusted the get_version request to always return a response, regardless of whether there is a license key supplied or not. The following will now return a complete response:

The package and download_link keys, however, will be blank if a license key is not supplied.

This version also increments the version number on the EDD_SL_Plugin_Updater class to version 1.6.3. If you are using the updater class in your own plugins, please update it to version 1.6.3. The latest version can be downloaded from the sample plugin on your account page.

Complete changelog:

Version 3.4.4, December 31, 2015

  • Tweak: get_version no longer requires a license key
  • Fix: View Version Details link shows blank page
  • Fix: Renewal discount can be incorrect for old variable priced items
  • New: Added new edd_sl_column_{column_name} action
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In version 3.4.4, we have adjusted the get_version request to always return a response, regardless of whether there is a license key supplied or not

Has this feature been reverted? In EDD Software License add-on v3.5.10 this doesn’t work.

In the `get_latest_version_remote` function of the edd-software-licenses.php file I found the following condition.

$is_valid_for_download = $this->is_download_id_valid_for_license( $download->ID, $license );
if ( ! $is_valid_for_download || ( ! empty( $item_name ) && $item_name != $download->get_name() ) ) {

$download_name = ! empty( $item_name ) ? $item_name : $download->get_name();
$response['msg'] = sprintf( __( 'License key is not valid for %s', 'edd_sl' ), $download_name );

echo json_encode( $response ); exit;


Has this been fixed yet? Not getting proper new_version info when making the request without a valid license. Making it difficult to provide update notices to customers with invalid licenses.


Yes it was. If you’re using the latest version of the plugin updater class, the updates should always be displayed. I see you opened a support ticket so we’ll follow up with you there.

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