A preview of orders UI in Easy Digital Downloads 3.0

Version 3.0 of Easy Digital Downloads is getting nearer and nearer to its first public beta. In anticipation of that, we would like to share a few screenshots of one of the most important interfaces in Easy Digital Downloads: the order screen.

Along with a vast number of other improvements, one of our goals with 3.0 was to rebuild the way that orders (previously called payments) are stored, displayed, and interacted with.

When interacting with orders, there are a few important tasks store administrators typically need to perform:

  • Create a new order manually
  • Add or remove a downloadable product to an order
  • Process a refund
  • Resend the purchase receipt

All of these have been possible in the past, but some of them have either required an add-on (Manual Purchases) or been unintuitive. In 3.0, all four of these tasks are built directly into Easy Digital Downloads core and have simple, intuitive interfaces for performing them.

Watch out for additional previews in the coming weeks. We will be sharing more as we get closer to announcing our first alpha and beta versions of Easy Digital Downloads 3.0.

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