Software Licensing v3.6.10 and Reviews v2.1.11

This last week we released maintenance updates for two of our most popular extensions that each include a significant number of improvements.

Software Licensing version 3.6.10

Our focus for this update was to address a large number of lingering issues. We made twenty separate improvements to Software Licensing in version 3.6.10.

The complete list of items addressed:

  • Fix: When Apache forced trailing slashes, update packages could fail to be downloaded.
  • Fix: When upgrading a bundle, the child licenses may not have gotten their price IDs updated.
  • Fix: It was not possible to renew multiple licenses for the same product, at the same time.
  • Fix: When using bundle licenses with children, the license list table had some performance issues.
  • Fix: Child licenses could have a different activation limit than their parent.
  • Fix: License counts on the list table for license statuses could be incorrect when child licenses were used.
  • Fix: Some of the Readme information was not being parsed correctly after the latest parser update.
  • Fix: Searching for a child licenses could give incorrect results, or no results.
  • Fix: Updates could intermittently cause the ‘Too Many Redirects’ error.
  • Fix: Searching for partial license keys and email addresses could cause PHP notices and/or warnings.
  • Fix: When jQuery was being loaded in the footer, some JavaScript errors could occur when managing licenses on the front end.
  • Fix: Searching for a non-existent license key, returned all license keys in the list table.
  • Fix: Improved the reliability of the checks to make sure an update can be downloaded.
  • Fix: When using custom keys, it was possible to use a key length that exceeded the database column’s allowed length.
  • Sample Theme:
    • Fix: The sample theme was missing the theme_slug parameter from the API calls.
    • New: The sample theme now supports the item_id parameter.
  • Sample Plugin:
    • Fix: The “View Details” link on the plugin list was not always present.
    • Fix: Sample plugin did not define the EDD_SAMPLE_ITEM_NAME string.
  • New: Changelogs now support the “Read More” tag, to allow reducing changelog information stored in the get_version API calls.
  • Dev: The license list table columns are now filterable and sortable.

Reviews version 2.1.11

Like with Software Licensing, our focus for this update of the Reviews extension was fixing minor issues that have lingered for some time.

We fixed six bugs in version 2.1.11. Those bugs were:

  • Fix: Ensure custom code snippets cannot cause undefined index errors in the [downloads] shortcode
  • Fix: Enable review request emails to be sent when now is the selected time period
  • Fix: Compare version and only show admin notification for upgrade with outdated versions.
  • Fix: Verify that orders are complete or published before request review emails sent
  • Fix: Remove unused variable $post_id in class review widget
  • Fix: Use timestamp $now to ensure review request emails are being sent at correct time relative to store timezone.
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