Welcome to the 3rd-Party Extensions for Easy Digital Downloads. The following extensions are not official extensions for Easy Digital Downloads and are therefore only supported by the developers who maintain them. If you need support for any of these extensions, please reach out to the developer by clicking on the extension links below.


  • MonsterInsights – MonsterInsights is the best Google Analytics Plugin for WordPress.
  • Analytify’s Easy Digital Downloads integration adds detailed, store relevant reports generated from Google. Analytics. Use it to track coupon usage, customer countries, product conversion rates, funnel behavior, and more.
  • Automator The #1 no code automation plugin for WordPress. Connect your WordPress plugins, WordPress sites and your favorite apps. Create powerful workflows in minutes with no coding required.
  • EDD Cancellation Survey allows you to gain insights into why users cancel their subscriptions with the Recurring Payments extension.
  • EDD Custom Payment Status allows you to create custom payment statuses, which will be included in Earnings & Sales Reports.
  • EDD Enhanced Sales Report allows you to obtain detailed sales reports from your Easy Digital Downloads store. The plugin offers sales reports by product, ordered products, and customers and deep insights to better understand important metrics such as the average order value (AOV) and others. All reports come with extensive filters and the queries are built for speed. The plugin also enhances your standard order reports in EDD by adding a column to display the products included in each order. The plugin is issued in two versions, a FREE and a Pro Version.
  • EDD FES Vendor Statistics adds a page to the Vendor Dashboard to make it easier for the vendors to understand and monitor monthly commissions earned and payout status on their own.
  • EDD Purchase Complete SMS Alert allows you to send text messages to both admins and customers via Twilio when a purchase is completed.
  • EDD Users Data integrates EDD with UsersInsights.
  • Enhanced Google Analytics eCommerce Tracking adds enhanced eCommerce tracking through Google Analytics.
  • Logtivity helps you understand exactly what’s happening on your Easy Digital Downloads site by providing an activity log of all your customers’ behavior including purchases, subscriptions, downloads, license activations and much more.
  • ProteusPay provides a fully VAT-compliant method for managing invoices with FastSpring.
  • Putler offers multi store reporting, features like Customer Segmentation, Filters, Forecasting, and Insights, and is applicable for all types of products and business models.
  • WP HTML Mail allows you to create your own email templates.
  • Moneybird Integration is a light-weight, and very straightforward solution to integrate Easy Digital Downloads with Moneybird and synchronize invoices, refunds and customers. Compatible with EDD 3.0+
  • Google Sheet Connector for Easy Digital Downloads is a bridge between your Easy Digital Downloads plugin and Google Sheets.

Affiliate Marketing

  • iDevAffiliate enables affiliate tracking of EDD sales through iDevAffiliate.
  • Post Affiliate Pro is an affiliate marketing platform which supports a wide array of ecommerce systems, including Easy Digital Downloads.


  • Cart Lift is a free and easy to use plugin for recovering abandoned carts on Easy Digital Downloads based websites.
  • Conditional Checkout Fields allows for custom fields to be added to the checkout form conditionally based on cart contents.
  • Dynamic Content for Easy Digital Downloads is an easy and simple way to display dynamic content based on a visitor’s interaction on your site with your products.
  • EDD Advanced Discounts allows you to add discounts for product variations as well as set a maximum cart total limit that will be discounted.
  • EDD Mailchimp Abandoned Cart allows you to trigger abandoned carts emails in MailChimp by motivating customers to follow through on their intended purchases with personal, time-limited discount codes in MailChimp. The plugin calculates several key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of your abandoned cart process and also allows you to view the contents of each abandoned cart.
  • Recapture allows you to recover abandoned carts.
  • Sprout Invoices EDD Checkout integrates with the Sprout invoicing plugin. It works together with the Pro version of the Sprout invoicing system and lets the user pay for the invoice using EDD checkout system.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

  • WP Fusion connects your EDD store (and the rest of your website) to Infusionsoft, ActiveCampaign, and other leading CRMs.
  • Groundhogg is a marketing automation plugin for WordPress which has an Easy Digital Downloads integration.

Email Marketing

  • EDD Get Drip integrates Easy Digital Downloads with the Drip email marketing tool.
  • Klaviyo – Integrate your store with Klaviyo easily. The Klaviyo for Easy Digital
    Downloads plugin is simple to install and with customer opt-in at checkout
    you can utilize Klaviyo’s email marketing features like customer
    segmentation, pre-built email templates, and more. With this powerful
    integration, you can streamline your marketing efforts and focus on driving
  • MailerLite integration connects your Easy Digital Downloads store with MailierLite.
  • Mailster Integration integrates your Easy Digital Downloads store with the MyMail – Email Newsletter Plugin for WordPress.
  • Subscriber Discounts for Easy Digital Downloads allows you to easily send mailing list subscribers a discount code for joining your list.

Help Desk

  • Almighty Support Almighty Support is a highly intuitive & easy to use ticketing system for you and your clients.
  • Awesome Support integrates seamlessly with Easy Digital Downloads, Software Licensing, and Frontend Submissions.
  • EDD Freshdesk provides a FreshPlug that shows customer orders against tickets within FreshDesk.
  • Help Scout Desk provides a complete help desk for your customers inside of WordPress, powered by HelpScout.
  • Help Scout Integration connects HelpScout to your Easy Digital Downloads store and displays purchase data inside of tickets.
  • LiveChat is a real time chat tool which site visitors can use to communicate directly with site owners and staff. Their Easy Digital Downloads integration allows chat agents to view the visitor’s cart contents and historical value in the conversation context.
  • KB Support – Easy Digital Downloads integrates your EDD store and Software Licensing extension with KB Support to provide a complete sales and support solution for you and your customers.
  • ThriveDesk‘s app for Easy Digital Downloads brings the data you need directly into conversations with your customers.
  • WP Ticket Easy Digital Downloads integrates Easy Digital Downloads and Software Licensing extension with WP Ticket family support ticket management systems.
  • WSDesk can be seamlessly used as a helpdesk plugin for your digital store created with Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Zendesk Single Sign-on integrates with the popular Zendesk platform so customers can conveniently engage your support team from your site.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)


  • Advanced Product Labels increases product visibility by allowing you to add labels to products.
  • EDD Advanced Shortcodes provides enhanced shortcodes to create landing pages for downloads sorted by their sales figures, lists of authors/vendors, and even a random list of daily sorted products. The created download lists can use pagination as well.
  • Easy Pricing Tables lets you build beautiful, conversion optimized pricing tables for EDD in minutes.
  • Facebook Pixel allows you to manage the Facebook tracking pixels.
  • EDD Landing Pages for Categories and Tags enhances text fields and adds button and dropdown filters on your download category and tag pages to turn them into better landing pages. The plugin allows you to upload one image per download category and tag. Several shortcodes are included in the plugin which can be used to create directory lists, simple lists, and carousels of your download categories and tags to be placed on any page of your website. Enhances the user experience and site navigation for your visitors.
  • EDD Product Versions allows you to sell updated versions of your download files to already existing customers or provide your customers with a download archive for your previous customers.
  • EDD Pretty Purchase URLs allows you to build out ‘pretty’ URLs for the custom add to cart URLs.
  • EDD Requests helps you to trigger more engagement with your visitors by offering them a contact button on the download product and author page where they can quickly submit requests for assistance and upload attachments. Requests are added on tracking lists in the vendor and admin dashboards to ensure systematic follow-ups.
  • GamiPress is a points and achievements management plugin which allows you to gamify your Easy Digital Downloads store.
  • Points and Rewards adds a customer loyalty system, allowing customers to acquire points which can be used to discount future purchases.
  • UpsellMaster automatically suggests tailored upsells for each product, using a customizable algorithm to select the optimal upsell from your products. It also includes a campaign module to manage discounts for important events such as Black Friday. You can display these upsells and discount campaigns on selected locations such as your Product Pages, Checkout, and Purchase Receipt Page, Add to Cart, and Exit Intent Popups. This plugin aims to increase order values and provide a solid return on investment, with comprehensive tracking for sales insights.
  • WPfomify helps increase conversions by displaying notifications about the purchases of other customers to potential customers browsing the site.


  • Password Protected Categories is an easy-to-use plugin which lets you password protect download categories and hide them from the public parts of your store. Only people with the password can see or access them.
  • Wishlist Member Easy Digital Downloads Plus integrates Wishlist Member and Easy Digital Downloads and allows you to sell membership levels and pay-per-posts as products.


  • Accessibility Enabler’s integration with EDD helps make sure your store is compliant with accessibility requirements and gives site visitors powerful features for adjusting the site content to suit their needs.
  • Advanced Product Labels makes it possible to display overlaying labels on your product listings such as a ‘Sale’ flash, or ‘New’ ribbon based on conditional logic.
  • Bulk Edit Easy Digital Downloads bulk edit products using a Spreadsheet Editor. You can view all the downloads in a single page and edit quickly using powerful tools.
  • Cart URL allows you to create pre-defined product combinations that can be added to the cart with one click.
  • Commissions Manager Pro allows for implementing sophisticated tired commission schemes for specific products, authors, download tags, or categories. The plugin is an enhancement to the EDD Commissions plugin. You can define up to three tiers of commission for each rule and have them calculated based on single Order Value or Lifetime Value.
  • Coupon Counter for EDD allows you to display the number of remaining discount code uses for a product via a shortcode.
  • Download Image Watermark lets site admins add watermarks to uploaded images.
  • EDD Download Labels lets you easily change the EDD product labels.
  • EDD Dropshipping includes two plugins (Client and Server) and makes it possible for resellers and retailers to connect their store to a central catalog and sell its products. Commissions are then awarded to the reseller based on a preconfigured percentage.
  • EDD Fields adds powerful yet straightforward custom field management features to downloads. Includes templates for popular product types. Allows custom fields to automatically be displayed on the frontend on the product page and/or in sidebars with a widget.
  • EDD Hide Extensions allows you to toggle the visibility of ALL Easy Digital Downloads Extensions! Free up lots of space on the WordPress plugins page.
  • EDD Product Private Notes allows you to write private notes for every product.
  • EDD RSS adds download products to your site’s main RSS feed.
  • EDD Sell Services provides a service based store powered by Easy Digital Downloads.
  • EDDiMark PDF makes it possible to automatically “stamp” PDF files with a watermark before being delivered to the customer. Can be static content or dynamic based on purchase or customer information.
  • Follow My Blog Post allows your users to subscribe to changes on products.
  • Fraud Detection Module screens every order transacted on Easy Digital Downloads e-commerce platform in real-time for payment fraud detection.
  • Freelancer Marketplace Plugin will transform your Easy Digital Downloads store into a freelancer marketplace. It allows customers to submit projects and freelancers to find and be hired for them. The plugin includes a bidding system, workflows for file uploads, messaging, and various other features to operate a freelancer marketplace.
  • Genesis Connect provides optimized templates for the ‘download’ Custom Post Type of Easy Digital Downloads for the use with Genesis Framework and Child Themes.
  • Lion Cub is a free extension that creates unique and dynamic IonCube licenses on-the-fly during EDD download.
  • Music Player for Easy Digital Downloads adds an audio player to your downloads with a number of options for display.
  • OptinSpin Fortune Wheel lets you integrate a special offers fortune wheel to your site.
  • PDF Vouchers allows you to sell voucher codes that can then be redeemed at a physical location.
  • Posts Table Pro takes your downloads and automatically lists them in a searchable, sortable table layout with filters. It’s perfect for creating a quick one-page order form for your downloads.
  • Product Audio Sampler Player enables your customers to preview digital music or audio files before they buy them.
  • Project Panorama EDD Integration provides a way to generate new projects within Project Panorama when a purchase of a specific download is complete. Perfect for selling services which require some project to fulfill.
  • SMS Admin gives you access to a number of Easy Digital Downloads admin functions from your mobile phone and will send an SMS notification when a new sale is made.
  • Software Issue Manager Easy Digital Downloads allows teams to link product related issues to downloads offering insight on real cost of development, product quality, customer satisfaction, support costs, developer efficiency and performance, project and issue resolution progress and many more.
  • SureTriggers allows you to easily sync your data or automate repetitive tasks. Connect Easy Digital Downloads with hundreds of apps with zero coding knowledge.
  • Tabbed Account Area for Easy Digital Downloads makes it easy to create a simple tabbed account page for customers with separate tabs for various useful customer related views. Integrates with several popular EDD extensions as well as AffiliateWP.
  • Uncanny Automator connects your favorite WordPress plugins to each other so that you can create time-saving workflows that improve the user experience and save you money.
  • WP Easy Events Easy Digital Downloads integrates Easy Digital Downloads to the WP Easy Events event management and ticketing system.
  • WP e-Signature lets you require customers sign a legally binding document before they can access file downloads.
  • WP Menu Cart adds a shopping cart button to your sites navigation.
  • WP Offload Media Lite automatically copies images, videos, documents, and any other media added through WordPress’ media uploader to Amazon S3, DigitalOcean Spaces or Google Cloud Storage.
  • WP Offload Media Integration will automatically tell WP Offload Media Lite to set your product’s files to private.
  • WP Webhooks allows you to automate your WordPress site and connect external services with Easy Digital Downloads.
  • WP Zapier allows you to to send / receive custom data through Zapier.

Payment Gateways

  • AURPAY – Bitcoin Crypto Payment Gateway 100% non-custodial, supports top 50+ crypto coins, global,instant crypto payment, BTC-LightningNetwork, safe and fast. Suitable for ALL BUSINESS TYPES, seamless and FREE installation.
  • Beanstream Payment Gateway allows you to process payments through your Beanstream account, a payment processor for accepting online payments.
  • Blockonomics offers an easy way to accept Bitcoin as a payment method on your EDD site.
  • Cardinity Payment Gateway makes it possible to accept credit card payments on your EDD site with your Cardinity account.
  • CCBill Payment Gateway allows you to accept pcyments through CCBill.
  • Coinbase makes it possible to connect your store to the Coinbase platform and start accepting payments in crypto currency.
  • CryptoPay is a cryptocurrency payment gateway plugin for the EDD plugin that works with the CryptoPay Core plugin.
  • Direct One Gateway allows you to accept credit card payments through DirectOne.
  • EgoPay Gateway allows you to process payments through EgoPay.
  • eWay AU Direct Payment Gateway allows you to process credit cards on your own website via eWay.
  • GoEmerchant Gateway allows you to accept payments online with goEmerchant.
  • Innovative Payment Gateway allows you to accept all payment types, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diner’s Club, and JCB.
  • iPay88 lets you accept payments through iPay88.
  • MercadoPago is a payment processor for Central and South America and this integration allows you to use their service for processing payments on your site.
  • Merchant Warrior Payments allows Australian stores to accept credit/debit card payments.
  • Mollie Gateway allows you to accept payments through Molli iDeal.
  • Moneris Solutions Payment Gateway USA – allows you to accept credit card payments securely through your Moneris account.
  • Moneris Solutions Payment Gateway Canada – allows you to accept credit card payments securely through your Moneris account.
  • MyCred EDD Gateway allows you to create a point based loyalty program for your WordPress site.
  • MyCryptoCheckout is a cryptocurrency payment gateway that allows you to receive funds directly into the wallet of your choice.
  • MyVirtualMerchant Gateway allows you to accept and process credit card payments through MyVirtualMerchant.
  • NAB Gateway allows you to accept and process credit card payments directly on your site.
  • NETbilling Gateway allows you to process payments through the NETbilling service. Also supports Recurring Payments.
  • Network Merchants Gateway allows you to process credit card payments via Network Merchants Incorporated.
  • NoChex Gateway from PatsaTech allows you to accept payments online through Nochex.
  • Nochex Payment Gateway from Nochex is a free integration which allows payments to be processed using Nochex.
  • Paddle for Easy Digital Downloads allows you to connect with Paddle and accept one-time and subscription payments easily with Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Paddle Payment Gateway is a premium integration with the Paddle payment processing service.
  • PayFast allows you to accept one-time or recurring payments with PayFast, South Africa’s most popular online payment gateway.
  • PayFlexi allows you to accept payment plans from your customers using your existing payment processors.
  • PayLeap provides an comprehensive payment platform that delivers a full suite of secure payment capabilities for many different processing environments.
  • Paymentwall Gateway allows you to accept payments from over 120 different methods all over the world via Paymentwall.
  • PayPal Adaptive Payments, initially developed by the EDD team, pays commissions immediately upon purchase to the PayPal accounts of your third-party vendors. A must have plugin for multi-vendor stores using Frontend Submissions and Commissions. Saves valuable time and keeps your vendors happy as they get paid immediately.
  • Paystack EDD extension allows you to accept payment through the Paystack payment processor.
  • PayTrace Gateway lets you accept payments through PayTrace.
  • PayU India allows you to accept payments through your PayU India account.
  • PayU Romania allows you to accept payments through your PayU Romania account.
  • Pin Payments allows you to accept payment by credit card using your Pin Payments Account.
  • Plug’nPay allows you to accept payments using the Plug’n Pay Merchant Account.
  • PSiGate allows you to accept Payments using the PSiGate Merchant Account on your site.
  • ProteusPay allows you to collect payments, manage invoices, and collect VAT tax through FastSpring.
  • Quantum Payment Gateway allows you to accept credit card payments using your Quantum Payment Gateway Account.
  • Paylike allows you to accept payments with Visa and MasterCard instantly, and seamlessly integrates with Easy Digital Downloads.
  • Redsys Payment Processing allows you to process payments through RedSys.
  • RedSys Gateway Pro allows you to process payments through RedSys.
  • Realex Gateway lets you accept payments through Realex.
  • Saman Kish payment gateway.
  • Takepayments – accept card payments in-store, online or on the go.
  • Xendit for Easy Digital Downloads – Indonesian payment on your fingertips.
  • Zaxaa Integration allows you to integrate Easy Digital Downloads with Zaxaa – shopping cart, affiliate, mail autoresponder, and CRM platform.

Social Media

  • Social Login allows customers to log-in and register accounts with their social networks.
  • Social Review Engine allows customers to add reviews to your products.


  • ProteusPay handles all VAT requirements through FastSpring.
  • Quaderno takes taxes off your plate by automatically calculating tax on every sale and following up with beautiful invoices, no matter where your customer is located.
  • VAT for Easy Digital Downloads is a plugin that allows any EDD store to meet European VAT law.