Meet the Team

Andrew Munro  · 

Andrew joined the Easy Digital Downloads crew in 2013 as a contributing developer, and has authored over 20 free and commercial EDD extensions. He now splits his time between EDD and AffiliateWP.

Andrew is also a self-taught web designer and WordPress theme developer, and is the design mastermind behind the AffiliateWP, Restrict Content Pro and Pippins Plugins websites.

Hailing from New Zealand (Middle Earth), Andrew prides himself on efficiency, getting exercise as he codes from his trusty treadmill desk. His extreme productivity is fueled by walking up to 20,000 steps a day, and large servings of Groove Salad.

Chris Klosowski  · 

Chris started out as an EDD user to distribute his own WordPress Plugins, but quickly moved to contributing to Core Development.

Prior to joining the team as a Co-Lead Developer, Chris spent 4.5 years as developer at GoDaddy where he had a wide range of jobs including Support, Enterprise Scale WordPress environments, C#, .Net, Javascript, and Node.JS finishing his tenure as part of the Managed WordPress development team. During this time Chris continued to contribute to EDD in his free time as a WordPress community Member.

He’s a WordCamp speaker and volunteer and participates in his local WordPress Meetups, so if you are in the East Valley of Phoenix, stop by the Chandler Meetup and say “Hi”.

Chris is speculated to be the first to see the "All Time" download count for Easy Digital Downloads reach 1,000,000 on

Along with Easy Digital Downloads, Chris is the developer of Post Promoter Pro, the easiest social media auto-poster for WordPress.

Daniel Goldak  · 

Shortly after randomly meeting Pippin at Starbucks, Daniel joined the EDD team in 2018 to help with support. He's worked in the corporate world doing support for 10 years but also began using WordPress in 2012 helping bloggers & podcasters with their websites & stores. Since then Daniel fell in love with helping people use WordPress to grow their business.

When he's not helping customers he spends time with his wife and two kids, enjoys reading, cooking BBQ, working on house projects and is preparing to overtake Phil as EDD's head drummer.

John Parris  · 

John has been an EDD user since 2013, and he started developing custom extensions and integrations for it at the beginning of 2014. He joined the EDD crew part-time at the end of 2014 and is now working full-time in customer support, software testing, and is a contributing developer.

Prior to entering the WordPress world, John spent 20 years in various network administration and IT management roles.

In his spare time he enjoys hanging out with his wife, walking in the woods, and enjoying a nice cold-brewed coffee.

Keri Jacoby  · 

Keri spent almost 11 years working as a Project Manager and Customer Service Lead for a large printing company before making her way into the EDD family. She enjoys helping customers and her coworkers and spends most of her day answering support tickets or whipping up some informative documentation.

When she’s not working from home with the help of her two dogs, she can often be found reading a book while enjoying a sour beer. She also enjoys biking, walking, swimming or doing anything active with her husband and baking for friends and family.

Michael Beil  · 

Michael Beil has been using EDD since early 2014. He began his WordPress journey as a side job when a friend asked for some help in 2011, and he has not looked back since. As part of the EDD crew, he helps with support, testing, and handing out coffee (especially to Chris).

You may find him sharing a pun or laughing at whatever Andrew says.

Michael is from the land of cheese and lakes, that is Madison, Wisconsin, where he enjoys playing hammered dulcimer, sailing, coffee brewing, and hanging out with his wife.

Phil Johnston  · 

Phil is a musician-turned-coder who joined the EDD team in 2016. Like Kyle, he was hired primarily to do drum solos when needed. It turns out that is a lot less needed than first thought. So in his spare time he focuses on customer support and development - with a focus on how extensions can integrate together to make magic happen.

Pippin Williamson  · 

Pippin originally started Easy Digital Downloads back one fine day in April 2012. He’s the Lead Support Technician and makes sure all the Core Developers have enough coffee (excluding Chris)!

Pippin’s specialities includes remembering every single Easy Digital Downloads function off the top of his head and (no joke) he’s solved a support request within 30 seconds. We all just stared in awe. You can connect with Pippin on Twitter and view his plethora of knowledge on Pippin’s Plugins.

Kyle Maurer  · 

Kyle is basically the guy who takes care of any guitar solo related needs at EDD...and occasionally some support tickets as well. He's been developing websites since 2009 and loves making WordPress plugins.

Additionally Kyle enjoys brewing (and drinking) craft beer in his home state of Michigan where that kind of thing is quite popular. There are very few varieties he'll turn down when offered but a hop-heavy IPA or a sour Saison will typically get him quite excited.

During the day, Kyle divides his time between organizing WordPress events in Jackson and Ann Arbor, preparing talks for WordCamps, building WordPress sites for cool businesses, hacking on his latest plugin project and helping EDD customers make their online stores flourish.

Sean Davis  · 

Sean has been an Easy Digital Downloads user since early 2013. Starting off as a regular user looking for a way to distribute his WordPress themes, it wasn’t long before he began transitioning from user to contributing developer.

As a WordPress theme developer, Sean took an interest in building new themes that focused on integrating with Easy Digital Downloads. Before we knew it, he had become an active part of the community.

After originally joining the team as a part-time Support Technician, Sean is now a full-time theme wrangler and junior developer.

Sunny Ratilal  · 

Sunny Ratilal is a Core Developer at Easy Digital Downloads. It’s been a real journey for him since he started contributing at the age of 15! He’s taken on some real challenges at Easy Digital Downloads. Sunny is also Lead Developer of Reviews and PDF Invoices.

Tyler Lau  · 

Although Tyler is relatively new to the WordPress world he was hired to amorphously help out across EDD and her sister ships. In attempts to join Kyle, Phil, and Daniel, he initially tried out for lead vocals but had to settle on being the team's chef. Rumor has it he'll attend open tryouts next year.

As a guy who does a bunch of a different stuff, he spends most of his time working on business development, marketing, support, and attending conferences.

When not in front of computer screens you'll find him drawing in notebooks, sharpening his chef knives, obsessing over vinyl and tube amps, or tuning his bicycles.

Lisa Gibson  · 

After spending 8 years in Media Advertising and Marketing, Lisa dipped her toe into the WordPress industry in 2014. In 2015 she took the leap, leaving Advertising behind to hone her red-penning and writing skills as The WordMaid. Lisa is the Affiliate Manager for Easy Digital Downloads and helps out with Marketing and Content.

Lisa can also be found sweeping up support tickets, developing docs, and crafting content for Edd’s mate Alf over at AffiliateWP.

When she’s not sitting - or standing - at her computer, Lisa’s loves are: taking her pooch Jaco for long walks through the bush or along sandy shores; tapping along furiously to (mainly rock) music, pretending she’s the next Steve Gadd or Dave Grohl; and spending time with friends and family over a tipple or two.