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Easy Digital Downloads features & functionality

Everything you need to create your online store in minutes

Shopping cart

  • supports Stripe and PayPal, for free
  • customize action button text
  • allow potential customer cart saving
  • support registered user or guest checkout
  • require agreement of terms before purchase

Detailed reporting

  • gain actionable insights into your business
  • filter reports by specific dates and products
  • track refunds and get control of churn
  • export store data to CSV file
  • monitor all aspects of your store

Order management

  • manage order status
  • reassign customer details
  • advanced refunds feature
  • role based capabilities

Customer management

  • maintain a separate record for each customer
  • view, edit, or delete any customer record
  • track customer lifetime value and activity
  • link customer records to user profiles
  • create customer account page

Joe Howard – WPBuffs

Why would anybody use any other plugin to sell digital products? If you want an easy-to-implement checkout cart, EDD does everything you need. And it’s easy to use for a simpleton like me. Not having to worry about how money gets from our website to our Stripe and PayPal accounts is a magical feeling.


Been searching for years to not have a paid service to do this for me and finally found it. Don’t know why it took so long, but everything works great for what I need in a small business. Thank you and for your support.

Start selling your digital products today.

Join over 50,000 smart store owners, and start using the easiest way to sell digital products with WordPress.

Additional features & benefits

See what makes Easy Digital Downloads a great solution for thousands of users.

Rest API

Developers and external applications can take advantage of a complete RESTful API that provides easy access to sales and product information in either jSON or XML format.

Payment history

Record payment records of every transaction in your system and use the familiar Payment History interface to see key details about payments, resend purchase receipts, and much more.

File download logs

View everything there is to know about customer file downloads from your system. You will have access to details such as download dates & times, IP address, and attached payment record.

File access control

All product files are restricted to authorized customers only. No configurations is required. You may also set the file download limit and download link expiration.

Customer account page

Through the use of a single shortcode, output an entire purchase history table that is only viewable by logged in customers. Unauthorized users will not have access.

Actively supported

An evolving software tool is only as good as its support. Our dedicated team ensures that all customers have access to free, timely support with no strings attached.

Extension catalog

While Easy Digital Downloads is a full eCommerce platform, the true power lies in its extensibility. With hundreds of available extensions, you can tailor EDD to your needs. View all extensions.

Payment gateways

Payment gateways are an absolute must for eCommerce businesses to securely process payments. EDD supports the industry's most popular payment processors and several more. View payment gateways.

Refund tracking

For most online businesses, refunds are inevitable and processing refunds can be a daunting task. With select payment gateways, EDD makes processing refunds a hassle-free experience.

Affiliate system integration

The limitness nature of digital products makes affiliate integration an attractive component. EDD is fully supported by AffiliateWP right out of the box. View AffiliateWP.

Mailing list integration

Build relationships with your customers by keeping in touch with them after the purchase. Using our newsletter extensions, connect EDD to you favorite email marketing service tool. View newsletter extensions.

External file storage

For some, WordPress' Media Library is not enough to host product files. For that reason, EDD supports content delivery tools like Amazon S3 and Dropbox for hosting product files.

Actively developed

Not a day goes by that EDD is not actively developed. Issue logging, bug fixing, and feature enhancements are a daily occurance for the development team and supporting contributors.

Open sourced & GPL

As a platform built on WordPress, EDD is licensed under GPLv3. To go a step further, EDD is also an open-source software with a dedicated community of developers and contributors.

Developer friendly

While there are hundreds of extensions available for use, being extensible means the options are limitless. Actions, filters, and smart coding make EDD a developer-friendly platform.

Intelligently designed

The effects of site design on customer behavior are well-known. EDD plays its role by including a base style that looks great as-is, but is also ready to integrate with any WordPress theme.