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We have been working hard day and night on Easy Digital Downloads version 1.7, and tonight I’m thrilled to announce that the first beta version is ready for testing!

In total, we have closed 58 issues for version 1.7. By type, we have:

  • Made 37 enhancements
  • Fixed 15+ bugs
  • Closed 6 other misc issues

Some of the major enhancements include:

Multiple Discount Codes on Checkout
If enabled, customers can add multiple discount codes to their purchase. This is an opt-in feature and must be enabled in Downloads > Settings > Misc.

Import / Export Plugin Settings
You can now export and import plugin settings from site to site. If you setup EDD sites for clients frequently, this could dramatically decrease your site setup time. The import / export options are located under the main Tools menu.

Custom Admin Sale Notifications
You have always been able to edit the purchase receipt that goes to the customers; now you can edit the email that gets sent to site admins when new sales are made.

Improved Date Options for Reports
The date filters for the earnings / sales graphs have been dramatically improved. Before you were limited to showing reports for the same year; now you can cross year boundaries and do reports like: earnings for all time, earnings for 2012-2013, and more. This changes have also been added to the EDD REST API, meaning the mobile app has been made better at the same time.

Item Quantities
You asked for it and we delivered! If enabled, customers can now edit the quantity for each item they are purchasing. Want to sell multiple copies of a license key? Now you can! Go to Downloads > Settings > Misc to enable item quantities.

Stored Customer Billing Details
The billing address for customers is now stored at checkout, though only if the customer is purchasing with a registered account. When the customer returns to the checkout for a second purchase, their billing address details will be pre-populated, just like their name and email. You can also see the billing address on the View Order Details screen now.

[download_history] Short Code Brought Back!
We had so many requests to bring this back, we just had to do it 🙂

Dramatically Improved Checkout Styling
We have spent hours improving the styling of the checkout form to make it much prettier, but we have also maintained our firm belief that styles created by plugins should be simple. Simple but beautiful.

Better Purchase Buttons
The purchase buttons have received some subtle, but noticeable improvements, especially with the ajax added-to-cart notifications.

Improved Compatibility with Caching Plugins
Who doesn’t like a fast site? By working to provide better compatibility with WP Super Cache and W3 Total Cache, EDD-powered sites will be able to be faster and more reliable.

So much more!
To see a full list of enhancements we’ve made and bugs we’ve fixed, head on over to Github.

Important Notes

This is a beta, so that being said, please let us know about any problems or questions you have. We have created a special forum just beta-related issues. Please report all bugs and suggestions in the forum.

We have modified quite a few template files and CSS files, so if you have customized any of those, please take note that you may need to update your modified versions.

We are aiming for an official release in just under two weeks.

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