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Auto Register

Automatically creates a WP user account at checkout.

Once activated, EDD Auto Register will create a WordPress user account for your customer at checkout, without the need for the customer to enter any additional information. This eliminates the need for the default EDD registration form, and drastically reduces the time it takes your customers to complete their purchase.

The customer’s email address is used as the WordPress username (required by EDD to send the purchase receipt to) and a random password is automatically created. When the purchase is completed, an email is sent to the customer containing their login credentials (uses the same email template as the purchase confirmation). The customer is also auto-logged into your website, just like the standard behaviour of the EDD registration form.

There are filters available for developer’s to disable the email, modify the email subject line, email body, error messages, default user level etc.

If EDD’s “Disable Guest Checkout” is enabled, the plugin loads its own error message that makes more sense to the plugin. Also, if EDD’s “Show Register / Login Form?” is enabled, the plugin will load its own simple version of the login form.