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Conditional Success Redirects

Provide a custom post-purchase flow for your customers by redirecting them to the page of your choice.
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Minimum requirements
WordPress  5.8
EDD  3.2.0
PHP  7.4
Current version: 1.2.0

The EDD Conditional Success Redirects extension for Easy Digital Downloads is designed to streamline how customers are directed after making a purchase. It allows you to set up rules that redirect customers to different pages based on the specific product they have purchased. This helps you guide your customer through a crafted experience that you control and the customer’s immediate need after buying a product—whether that’s additional information, a related offer, the first course in your training, or a thank you page.

This feature is very easy to use: a redirect occurs only if the purchased product is the only item in the cart and has a redirect rule associated with it. This ensures that customers are not overwhelmed by multiple redirects when purchasing more than one product.

  • Send customers to the account dashboard immediately after purchase.
  • Redirect users to the first lesson in your course.
  • Ask users to complete a social profile after their purchase.
  • …endless possibilities.

The extension adds a new area in the admin dashboard where you can manage these redirects—creating, editing, and toggling them on or off. This gives you control over when and how customers are guided post-purchase. If you want to show the receipt on this page as well, you’ll need to include the Receipt Block ( or the [edd_receipt] shortcode ) to display the purchase receipt, maintaining clarity and convenience for the customer.

With EDD Conditional Success Redirects, you’re equipped to fine-tune the post-purchase experience, guiding customers in a way that complements your digital product or service.