Easy Digital Downloads has been translated into a large number of languages and we strive to make the platform as accessible as we can for people from all parts of the world. If Easy Digital Downloads has not beenĀ translated into your language, or if the translation needs updated, please submit a request using this form. You may also use this form to request a translation for any extension or themeĀ for Easy Digital Downloads.

Submitting this form will put you in communication with a team of translators that can work with you to translate Easy Digital Downloads and extensions / themes into your language.

  • Please provide a list of the extensions or themes for Easy Digital Downloads that you wish to have translated into your language.
  • Please specify the language you wish to have the extensions or themes translated into.
    If you are able to translate extensions or themes and wish to provide a translation, please let us know.
  • If you have special notes, needs, or requests, please include them here.