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We’re excited to announce that the Stripe payment gateway is now available to all Easy Digital Downloads users!

Along with taking PayPal payments, you can now accept credit card payments through Stripe using the free version of Easy Digital Downloads. No extensions required.

Just a few of the benefits you get by enabling Stripe on your EDD store:

  • Accept credit card payments only (through Stripe) or give your customers both PayPal and Stripe options.
  • Keep your customers on your site’s checkout page instead of having them be redirected elsewhere to complete their payment.
  • Enable payment options for Apple Pay and Google Pay making your checkout even more convenient for your customers.
  • Take advantage of Stripe’s best-in-class security, user experience, and easy setup process.

Ready to get started using Stripe with EDD? Just update EDD to the latest version (2.10 or later), go to Downloads > Settings > Payment Gateways > Stripe, then click the Connect with Stripe button.

Connecting an Easy Digital Downloads store to Stripe
Connecting an Easy Digital Downloads store to Stripe

If you have an existing Stripe account, you can simply connect it here.

If you’re new to Stripe you’ll be prompted to create a free Stripe account at this step, which only takes a few minutes.

As we’re committed to being transparent about the details, please note that there will be an additional 3% fee per transaction processed through Stripe when using the free version of Easy Digital Downloads.

If you do not want the added 3% fee, you can purchase an Extended (or higher) Pass.

The Stripe Pro extension also includes the ability to accept pre-approved payments, whereas the free version does not.

Apple Pay and Google Pay support

Along with introducing Stripe in this release, Easy Digital Downloads now includes the ability to accept payments via Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Microsoft Pay. These payment methods allow your customers to check out via Touch ID, Face ID, and with payment cards saved to their digital wallets.

Start using Stripe today

Ready to get started using Stripe and these other new features for free? Simply install or update Easy Digital Downloads in your WordPress admin.

In addition to Stripe being the preferred payment gateway for Easy Digital Downloads, we are also officially a Stripe verified partner. The Stripe partner program recognizes applications which meet their strict quality requirements and allows us to provide even better services for you.

If you have any other questions, please see our Stripe Standard setup docs or reach out to us anytime using our support page. We’d love to assist you in finding the best solution for your site.

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  1. Phil Derksen
  2. Phil Derksen

    I have the pass, so I didn’t tried the free version yet, but I was wondering if the Apple/Google/Microsoft pay work in the free version when taxes are enabled. Because if they still don’t, they aren’t very useful in the European Union.

    1. Phil Derksen
    2. Phil Derksen

      Unfortunately no, taxes are not yet supported for the mobile pay options. We do hope to address that limitation soon though.

  3. Phil Derksen

    So… this “additional 2% fee per transaction” is on TOP of the Stripe fee? I didn’t know Stripe could do split payments…

    1. Phil Derksen

      Yes, that’s correct. It’s what Stripe calls an “Application Fee”.

      Note: the 2% fee only applies when using the free version of our Stripe integration. The paid version (what we now call Stripe Pro) does not include any additional transaction fees.

  4. Phil Derksen
  5. Phil Derksen
  6. Phil Derksen

    I am very excited to hear this news.
    Easy Digital Downloads plugin is one of the best in WordPress. I hope it provides more opportunities for digital currencies.

  7. Phil Derksen

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