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Easy Digital Downloads version 1.9 has been officially released! After about two weeks in a beta period, the next major version of the plugin is ready for general use.

Let’s have a look at what is new in 1.9:

Rewritten Tax API

The tax system has always been problematic in EDD, so for 1.9 we ripped every line of code out and rewrote it from the ground up. This rewrite should fix a large number of on-going bugs experienced by users, particular European users.

With the improved tax system, we also added the ability to mark products as exclusive of tax.

Improved Order View/Edit Screen

Our edit screen for payments has always been a bit lack luster, so in EDD 1.9 we have dramatically improved it. First, we have combined the View and Edit screens into a single screen, making the overall experience more efficient and fluent. Second, we have increased the amount of meta that can be edited for payments, including billing details. Third, we have fixed a number of significant bugs with the order edit process that had some pretty significant negative effects. And finally, we have made the entire screen responsive, meaning it will work on your mobile devices and tablets, just like the new WordPress 3.8 Dashboard.

Earnings / Sales Graphs for Individual Products

EDD has always had earnings / sales graphs for the store, but in 1.9 we have introduced product-specific sales / earnings graphs that let you see exactly how well your products are doing over any time period.

EDD_Graph Class for Developers

Along with product-specific earnings / sales graphs, we have introduced a new EDD_Graph class that can be used by extension developers to build their own custom graphs. Simply populate an array with data and pass it to the class, which will take care of loading the scripts, CSS, and constructing the actual graph.

Product Details Widget

We have introduced a new Product Details widget that allows you to show the details and purchase options for any product in the widget areas of your site.

Improved Product Creation / Edit UI

As EDD has grown, the creation / edit UI for products has gotten more and more cluttered. In 1.9 we have worked to simplify the process by splitting the UI up into meaningful sections, making the screen more manageable and easier to read.

Significant Performance Improvements

Two aspects of the plugin have seen significant performance improvements:

1. Product drop downs now use a live, ajax search to display product options, instead of simply querying all of the download products in the store. If your store has more than 50-100 products, you should see some significant improvement.

2. The File Downloads log page has always been a bit problematic. In 1.9 we have dramatically improved the weight of this page by minutely analyzing the queries on the page and optimizing them as much as possible.

Improved Checkout Login Form

The login form displayed on the checkout page has been significantly improved and now shows an actual Login button, which should clear up a lot of customer confusion with the login process.

Complete list of changes:

New: Added a new Getting Started page for first time installs
New: Rebuilt the View / Edit Details screen for payments, adding the ability to edit almost all data associated with a payment and dramatically improving the edit payment interface
New: Added per-products earnings and sales graphs
New: Allow purchase buttons to show only the price, no text
New: Added an option to enable/disable data deletion during plugin uninstall
New: Allow users to login with their email address
New: HTML and Number field callbacks for settings field types
New: Added an option to be able to exclude products from discount codes
New: Allow the EDD templates directory to be modified via plugins or themes
New: Added start/end date filters to the Payment History screen
New: Added a Product Details widget to show the purchase options and details of a product in any widget area
New: Added betters hooks for the loging process
New: Added a “edd-payment-type-selected” class to the chosen payment gateway during checkout
New: Allow shop vendors to see earnings / sales for their own products in main Downloads screen
New: Dramatically improved the Edit product screen by splitting up the product options into multiple meta boxes to reduce clutter
New: Added EDD_Email_Template_Tags class and helper functions give developers a simple way to register new email tempalte tags
New: Added EDD_Graph class to allow developers to easily display custom graphs in add-ons and themes
New: Added live ajax search to all product drop-downs in the admin to dramatically improve performance of EDD on stores with a lot of products
New: Add dashicon for Downloads menu and WP 3.8+
New: Added new Payment Processing template file that is displayed when returning from PayPal to ensure the IPN has enough time to be processed before showing the customer the payment receipt

Fix: Rewrote the tax API to fix numerous bugs
Fix: A bug with payment item amounts getting zeroed out when modifying an existing payment
Fix: A bug that caused Euro and other currency signs to get encoded improperly in the PDF report
Fix: A memory leak in the File Downloads log page
Fix: A bug that caused discounted amounts to show as twice the amount they should
Fix: A bug with the subtotal being incorrect when item prices are entered inclusive of tax
Fix: A bug that caused custom add to cart links to add items to the cart twice
Fix: Undefined index when using edd_action=straight_to_gateway and variable prices
Fix: Purchasing a free product doesn’t increase purchase count
Fix: Access denied error when viewing single pages of attachments connected to a Download
Fix: EDD_Fees doesn’t properly sanitizes amounts before adding up the total
Fix: Undefined index when restoring a saved cart and logged-out
Fix: Don’t allow the checkout form to submit when hitting Enter after entering a discount
Fix: Shop Manager user role cannot save shop settings
Fix: Estimated earnings could go negative, which they should not be allowed to do
Fix: Item earnings / sales not properly adjusted when item quantity is greater than 1
Fix: edd_settings_sanitize prevents EDD settings from being modified via update_option()
Fix: Very first purchase in shop causes total store earnings to be doubled
Fix: Item price incorrect when item prices are entered inclusive of tax
Fix: Ajax animation doesn’t stop when adding an item to the cart that has Multi-Option Purchase Mode enabled
Fix: Incorrect echo statement inside of an apply_filters() call (twice)
Fix: Selecting the same month for start and end in Report date filters resulted in a 12 month spread
Fix: A bug that caused the Yesterday report view to show 0 earnings and sales when the current month is January

Tweak: Better support for responsive columns in the [downloads] short code
Tweak: Improved the sample product import file
Tweak: Better setup EDD_Roles during initial installation
Tweak: Improved the checkout_cart.php template file
Tweak: Automatically map the lowest price option for variably-priced products to the standard price field, allowing sort by price
Tweak: Improved the Downloads > Add Ons page
Tweak: Improved the checkout login form to include an actual “Login” button
Tweak: Add id attributes to fields in profile editor
Tweak: Set minimum WordPress version required to 3.7

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  1. Pippin Williamson
  2. Pippin Williamson

    At the end of the laundry list:

    “Tweak: Set minimum WordPress version required to 3.7″

    So does it not work with WordPress 3.8? You make a statement about the UI improvements saying it’s just like the new the new WordPress 3.8 Dashboard.”?

    Just wanted to know if I update to WordPress 3.8 will it break EDD?

    1. Pippin Williamson

      Minimum version is 3.7, so everything above that (including 3.8 and all maintenance versions of 3.7) will work 🙂

    2. Pippin Williamson

      WordPress 3.7 is the minimum version, not the maximum, so yes, it works with WordPress 3.8.

      We have tested it thoroughly all the way up to the latest WordPress development version of 3.9.

  3. Pippin Williamson

    Says “minimum WordPress version” that means that works with WP 3.7 and later versions, 3.8 included.

  4. Pippin Williamson
  5. Pippin Williamson
  6. Pippin Williamson

    Thanks for the plugin update. Was having some problems with customer orders but this update fixed those.

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