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Give discounts to customers for sharing products through social networks

It is well known that one of the best ways to encourage customers to share your product(s) with others is to offer them an incentive, perhaps in the form of a discount on their purchase. The EDD Social Discounts extension allows you to offer customers an automatic discount on their purchase simply by sharing the product out to Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or LinkedIn.

The extension is extremely simple to setup. Once activated, a new section will be added to the Downloads > Settings > Extensions page where you can configure the social network settings, and also set the discount amount.

Once the settings are configured, you will have an option like this on product pages (or anywhere else you choose):

The sharing buttons being shown on a product pageIf a customer shares the product, they will then automatically have a discount applied to the checkout:

The discount applied at checkout

There really isn’t much of a better way to boost your revenue, your customer base, and also make your customers happier at the same time.

Pippin Williamson

About Pippin Williamson

Pippin Williamson is the founder of Sandhills Development, the parent company for Easy Digital Downloads, AffiliateWP, WP Simple Pay, Sugar Calendar, and others. When not writing PHP, he can often be found sipping coffee or brewing beer at Sandhills Brewing.



  1. Pippin Williamson
    1. Pippin Williamson
  2. Pippin Williamson

    So is it a facebook SHARE button or a LIKE button? the image shows a like counter which also looks to be website specific not actually LIKING the page of the business.

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