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Due to a significant increase in the amount of support for Easy Digital Downloads, we are making some changes to our Priority Support forums.

Up to this point, customers have had the option of purchasing priority support access or purchasing extensions in order to gain access to the priority support forums. Whether a customer paid for a $6 extension or paid $29 for a month of priority support access, the level of support they received was the same, but this is not quite right.

The issue that we have run into is that customers who have purchased minimal extensions and have access to priority support, are able to utilize an unlimited amount of priority support to get even issues unrelated to their extension resolved. This is simply not cost effective.

The original point of giving automatic priority support to extension buyers was so that they could get any issues they encountered with the extensions resolved as quickly as possible. The vast majority of the time, however, the priority support access was used for non-extension related issues, and that’s the primary reason we’re making some changes.

From this point on, extension purchases will not grant access to priority support. That being said, all extension purchases still include unlimited support for the extensions purchased, except it’s limited to the particular extensions that were purchased, instead of being open to all areas of support.

If you need support for an extension that you have purchased, we ask that all questions be asked in the appropriate forum for the particular extension in question. All extension forums are here. We treat all extension-related support requests as priority.

What about existing priority support users that have gained access via extension purchases? Your access will remain unchanged and you are welcome to continue using priority support as is.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below.

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