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Sign up for the EDD Wish Lists Beta!

Interested in helping beta test EDD Wish Lists?

Sign up for the Beta and we will email you when it is ready for testing. Note, we will choose a select few from the list to beta test the plugin; not everyone will be selected. However, EDD Wish Lists will be available for purchase soon!

EDD Wish Lists will allow users to store products in public or private lists. A private list is only viewable by the user who created it, and public lists can be shared via email and various social networks.

This plugin aims to:

Increase site traffic and sales

Users will share lists to friends and family, boosting website exposure and leading to more sales.

Increase customer loyalty and user experience

Users are more likely to return to your website if they can save products they’re interested in purchasing. EDD Wish Lists gives your customer this capability, and will deter them from using the actual shopping cart to save products and calculate totals (which is quite common). Your “cart abandonment” rate will look a lot healthier because of it!

Sign up for the Beta!

Andrew Munro

About Andrew Munro

Andrew is a WordPress plugin developer for Easy Digital Downloads and AffiliateWP. Andrew regularly creates plugins and code snippets from the future (GMT+12) and sends them back through time for others to enjoy. Follow Andrew on Twitter.


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