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Version was released earlier today, and with it several new features. The main new feature that we’ve added is an option to generate a PDF report of sales and earnings form your Reports page. A new short code has been added, and dozens of bug fixes and other minor improvements were also included with the release.

At the bottom of your Reports page, you will see a new button that lets you download a PDF report of your sales and earnings for all products.

You may also notice that there is a new graph that has been added as well for “Sales Per Month”. This graph will show you the total number of sales you have had each month for the currently year.

Also added was a new short code for showing the price of any Download. To use it simply add $0.00 any where on your site. If you place the short code in the main body area of a downloadable product, then the ID of the download will be automatically detected.

The complete list of changes can be seen below:

  • Fixed a bug with the purchase receipt templates
  • Updated default language files with a lot of new strings
  • Added new edd_cart_contents filter
  • Replaced Thickbox with Colorbox for email template previews
  • Fixed a bug with + signs in email addresses
  • Fixed a bug with prices not saving when set to 0
  • Added a new PDF Report generation feature for Sales and Earnings, thanks to SunnyRatilal
  • Added a new $0.00 short code
  • Fixed a miss spelled FOR attribute on a checkout label
  • Added Quick Edit ability to the Download Price option
  • Fixed a bug with the discount code field on the checkout page
  • Fixed an encoded bug with the purchase receipts
  • Updated the charset from ISO-8859-1 to utf-8 for the purchase receipts
  • Fixed a bug with the way the currency sign was displayed in the meta box price field
  • Fixed a bug where flat rate discounts could result in negative checkout values
  • Update the date in purchase receipts to reflect the date_format setting in WordPress
  • Added a check to existing jQuery libraries before enqueing
  • Added is_array() check to the price options name function to fix a potential error
  • Improved the formatting of country names
  • Added an php_ini check for safe mode
  • Fixed a missing currency sign in the email {price} template tag

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