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Easy Digital Downloads has now gone through quite a few rounds of beta testing, and has seen its first 100+ beta downloads, and lots of things have been improved. With the help of several other developers, I’ve been able to work out nearly 50 bugs and make numerous improvements. Adam Pickering from Mint Themes has been extremely helpful with his huge amount of feedback and is largely responsible for some of the better features I’ve been able to add to the plugin in the last several days.

Along with the bug fixes and feature improvements, Easy Digital Downloads has also seen its 7th add-on payment gateway completed today. Once the plugin leaves beta,  the following payment gateways will be available:

  • PayPal (included by default)
  • Manual (included by default)
  • PayPal Pro (add-on)
  • PayPal Express  (add-on, included with PayPal Pro)
  • (add-on)
  • 2Checkout (add-on)
  • (add-on)

Several other gateways are planned as well, so within no time at all you will be able to choose from just about any of your favorite payment methods. Benjamin Rojas, from Reality 66 is largely responsible for ever-growing list of payment gateways, so I owe him a huge thanks.

If you haven’t tested the beta of Easy Digital Downloads yet, grab it here, and be sure the Watch the project on Git Hub!

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