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Version 1.0.6 was pushed out last night and can be downloaded from the WordPress plugin repository, or from within your WordPress dashboard. This version has a lot of minor bug fixes and quite a few significant enhancements.

Many of the upgrades that were done do not have any direct impact on normal users, but they will significantly improve the ability for developers to build better and better add-ons.

Of the updates done that effect normal users the most, here are some highlights:

  • Dramatically improved checkout layout and CSS
  • Variable price names are now shown on the checkout
  • Variable price descriptions can now contain HTML
  • Added the edd_price() function for theme developers

The complete list of changes can be seen below.

* NOTE: if you have modified the checkout_cart.php template via your theme, please consider updating it with the new version as many things have changed.
* Fixed a bug with the empty cart message not being displayed on the checkout page
* When purchasing a product with variable prices, the selected price option name is now shown on the checkout page
* Fixed a bug with the in-checkout registration /login form
* Improved the layout of the in-checkout register / login forms
* Fixed a bug in the “Edit Payment” page caused by the variable price system
* Fixed a bug with plugin pages being duplicate on reactivation of EDD
* Variable price descriptions can now contain HTMl
* Added new a new filter that allows for the jQuery validation rules to be modified for the checkout page
* Payments in the Payment History page can now be sorted by ID, Status, and Date.
* Fix a bug that allowed for the same download to be added to the cart twice.
* Added missing element classes to the cart widget, checkout cart, and more
* Added the edd_price() function for use in themes
* Updated the edd_payment_meta filter with a second parameter for $payment_data
* Updated the “Insert Download” icon in the “Insert Media” section to match the main post type icon
* Added filters that allow for post type and taxonomy labels to be modified via the theme
* Added filters that allow for the post type “supports” attributes to be modified
* Added extra mimetypes to the function that processes file downloads
* Dramatically improved the CSS of the checkout page.

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  1. Pippin Williamson

    Congrads on getting this necessary plugin into the community!

    I know this is much work…and I think ejunkie and others are nervous about this elegant plugin.

    One question…when can I use this on a wordpress mobile site?
    any plans to add ringtone support?

    Congrads again,

    bob longoria

    1. Pippin Williamson

      Thank you for the support, Bob, I really appreciate it.

      The plugin is completely compatible with mobile sites. As long as your theme works on mobile, the plugin will work on mobile. I do have plans to build a mobile sales notification add-on or two, perhaps for text alerts of sales. I don’t know when it will be done, but it is planned.

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