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Version 1.0.5 has just been released. It is available to download from the WordPress plugin repository and your WordPress dashboards. There are a lot of updates included in version 1.0.5, but most important is the new variable pricing system. This new option gives you the ability to set multiple price variations for a single digital product, much like you would have variations for physical products.

The variable pricing system is very simple to use, just check the box that says “Check this to enable variable pricing”. Once checked, the variable pricing option will appear. You can add as many pricing options as you want.

A great example of the variable pricing option can be seen at

Another of the major updates in v1.0.5 is the introduction of free downloads. Any download set with a price of zero, will be considered free. When a user checks out, if the total amount in their shopping cart is 0, they will bypass all payment gateways and only be asked to enter their name and email.

Complete change log listed below:

* New variable pricing option for downloads
* Added new {price} template tag for emails
* Fixed an improperly named filter for “edd_payment_meta”
* Updated some advanced query URLs to be more efficient
* Updated the German language files
* Updated default.po/mo
* Added a check for whether the current theme supports post thumbnails
* Fixed a few undefined index errors
* Updated Spanish language files
* Added support for free downloads
* Fixed some bugs with the email formatting
* Fixed a small bug with the ajax add to cart system
* Improved the download metabox layout
* Updated the French language files
* Added a new icon to the Downloads post type

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  1. Pippin Williamson

    Very nice! Now that there is varied pricing how will the download product vary for the end user?

    In other words, if there are Basic, Premium and Pro prices the user is then able to download the corresponding Basic, Premium or Pro file(s)?

    1. Pippin Williamson

      At the moment, no, there is not a difference in the file that is downloaded. I have to work on the system for allowing that (definitely in the pipeline). At the moment, it’s more for allowing users to purchase different licenses, or to allow them to choose what they want to pay for the product, like Jake did with Theme Thrift.

      1. Pippin Williamson
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  3. Pippin Williamson

    I would really love to see the option to create different multiple coupon codes custom to each product. this would allow different pricing for different level of membership.

    It would be also awesome to allow for the option to be $0 so even though a particular level of member can get access free I can still see how many times and ips that they are downloading from site. This could be implemented in a few ways.

    so when you get to product page it can allow for all levels to purchase but will restrict access to choices based on any different member/user level in the user or custom user definitions,

    1. Pippin Williamson

      That feature is planned! I’m not sure when it will get done, but at some point for sure.

  4. Pippin Williamson
    1. Pippin Williamson

      Default price support was added quite some time ago. When creating variable prices, you can set one as the default.

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