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Version 1.3.1 was released today and brings a very significant upgrade to one of the plugin’s internal systems, and also a really nice new feature that a lot of users have requested. You can now limit the total number of times buyers can download their purchased files via a simple option in the Download Configuration.

The new Download Limit feature can be seen in the screenshot below:

This feature will allow you to set a limit on the number of times that a buyer can download the files from each purchase. For example, if you set this to 10, buyers will only be able to download each file 10 times. If they attempt to download the file again, they will be given an error letting them know that they are at their limit.

The other big update in v1.3.1 is the new logging system that we have built into the plugin. This logging system allows us to easily log events as they happen in the plugin. For example, each time a file is downloaded, information about the user is logged in the database so that you as the admin can go in and look at exactly who has downloaded the files (and where they have downloaded them from).

The logging system will soon be expanded to include error logging for payment gateways, so anytime there is a purchase that results in an error (such as a declined card), the error will be logged. This will be extremely useful for store owners that need to track down failed payments, credit card fraud, and anything else related to purchases.

There were several other changes introduced in 1.3.1, so checkout the complete change log below:

  • Updated German translation files
  • Added new file download limit option to limit the number of times buyers can download files
  • Fixed some text strings that were missing localization
  • Added new graceful failure for missing callback functions for settings fields
  • Added dozens of new filters for function returns
  • Added a new function for tracking deprecated function calls
  • Added a check to ensure items in the cart are of post_type “download”
  • Fixed a bug with creating the blank index.php in wp-content/uploads/edd/
  • Fixed a bug with an HTML class name in edd_get_purchase_link()
  • Added upgrade routine for converting old file download and purchase logs to the new EDD_Logging class
  • Added new upgrade routine for handling database upgrades
  • Added a new EDD_Logging class for logging events
  • Removed unnecessary parameters for register_post_type()
  • Code formatting improvements
  • Added support for custom reporting views

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  1. Pippin Williamson

    Hi Pippin!

    I updated the plugin today and seem to have lost the button color; I was using orange but it defaults now to white. Any thoughts?

    1. Pippin Williamson

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