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Version 1.3.2 was released a few minutes ago. This release is primarily to fix a large number of minor bugs throughout the system, though it also brings a few small enhancements.

The main update that you will notice is the improved “Easy Digital Downloads Sales Summary” widget on the Dashboard. This widget now includes recent sales, the top selling item of all time, and the best selling item for the last 30 days.

The complete list of changes can be seen below:

  • Fixed a problem with the Apply Discount link when not logged-in
  • Added Total Earnings For Period Shown to Reports page
  • Improved efficiency of downloads list table
  • Fixed a formatting issue with prices in the email template preview
  • Added option to export file download history
  • Improved the checkout template to be more modular
  • Added new edd_get_purchase_id_by_key() function, props Yoast
  • Added Recent Purchases to the Dashboard widget
  • Fixed a problem with amount formatting in the purchase receipts
  • Added ability to filter payments by username
  • Fixed a problem with the file download limit feature
  • Updated post updated messages with “View Download” link
  • With a problem with the [download_discounts] short code
  • Added new edd_price_field action to the download meta box
  • Fixed a problem with saving prices when they contain a thousands separator
  • Added Lifetime Best Selling into the Dashboard Sales widget
  • Moved all template files and CSS to /templates folder instead of the includes/ folder
  • Added new edd_add_to_cart_item filter for modifying the item info when adding items to the cart
  • Added version numbers to all scripts and stylesheets to help prevent caching issues on updates
  • Updated the checkout form to load the payment forms automatically when selecting a payment method
  • Fixed some UTF8 decoding problems with the PDF reports
  • Integrated Opt-In PressTrends tracking
  • Fixed a problem with the download Tags slug and archive views for the taxonomy
  • Updated French language files

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