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Easy Digital Downloads version 1.3.3 was released early this morning and brings an entirely new system for collecting sales tax. Along with the taxes upgrade, a number of significant bug fixes were implemented and also several other improvements across the plugin.
The tax system will now allow you to apply a set sales tax percentage on all purchases. You can choose whether to apply tax to all customers or just those in your local area. A new reports page has also been added for calculating year-end sales tax totals:
Full list of changes below:
  • Added new Tax system for calculating simple taxes on purchases
  • Added error / payment failure logging to PayPal standard gateway
  • Improved the error logging system
  • Fixed an issue with payment method select when ajax is disabled
  • Fixed a problem with a stray file upload button in IE and Firefox
  • Improved the Payment History export to CSV option
  • Removed old, out of date PayPal payment gateway
  • Fixed a problem with improperly formatted amounts after applying a flat rate discount
  • Fixed two conflicting filter names
  • Improved markup for the [edd_price] short code
  • Updated Dutch translation files
  • Improved front-end CSS for variable price options
  • Added new edd_file_download_has_access filter
  • Improved logic for determing the lower price on variable priced downloads
  • Improved stylesheet loading
  • Fixed a pagination bug with the [downloads] short code

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  1. Pippin Williamson

    Hi Pippin & Team,

    thanks for the update. Just a minor issue. The update changed the price-formatting on my store pages (using re-stored theme). Prices are displayed in a bigger font-size and don’t match the boxes anymore they should fit in.

    Oh and btw. how did you display the Discount message on the EDD-page? I like that! 🙂


    1. Pippin Williamson
      1. Pippin Williamson
        1. Pippin Williamson

          Thanks. That’s actually caused by the theme. Luckily, Jake (the theme developer) is sitting right next to me and he’s going to send out an update for you.

  2. Pippin Williamson

    When I use a discount code the tax is still on the full amount instead of the discounted amount. Is there an easy way to fix this?

    1. Pippin Williamson

      I think that’s a bug. Are you seeing the amount on the checkout page? If you go ahead and place the order, which amount is the tax based off of when you go to “View Details” in the Payment History?

      1. Pippin Williamson

        Here is what the Paypal checkout says:

        Descriptions Amount:
        ABC Get Fit: Home Workout 1
        Item number: 73517b7743d731c461132946a3c7619f
        Item price: $0.95
        Quantity: 1
        Item total $0.95
        Tax $5.19
        Total $6.14 CAD

        Here is the Payment Details on the order:

        Discount used: ABCDISCOUNT
        Subtotal: $0.95
        Taxed Amount: $5.19
        Total: $6.14

        Thanks for looking into this.

      2. Pippin Williamson

        Ok thanks. That is definitely a bug. I’ll add it to the list and get it fixed up as soon as possible.

        1. Pippin Williamson

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