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Easy Digital Downloads version 1.3 was released a few days ago on October 11th. This version brings several major updates to the plugin, including a completely rebuilt Reports page and new purchase button styles.

The Reports page has been completely rebuilt and now includes new graphs powered by the jQuery Flot library. Along with the new graphs, which I feel provide a much beter visual representation of the sales and earnings of your store, date range filters have also been introduced that let you choose the dates you want to view graphs for. The new graphs can be seen in the screenshot blow:

We’ve gone beyond just bringing improved graphs, however, and have also introduced additional reporting views for Downloads and Customers. The Downloads reports view displays a table of all of your products and displays the total sales and earnings for each product, along with also showing monthly averages for sales and earnings.

The Customers view shows a table of every person that has ever purchased anything through your site. For each customer you can see their email, username (if any), number of purchases, and total amount spent through your site. The customer’s username is also linked to the Payment History page with payments filtered to show only purchases of that customer.

The Reports page is also highly extensible so additional graphs and views can be added via extensions. The Commissions add-on is an example of an extension that adds extra graphs to the page.

With 1.3, the other major change we made was with the purchase buttons. The button styles that were used since 1.0 were based on the designs by Orman Clark have now been replaced with a Twitter Bootstrap style, as seen in the screenshot below:

Along with introducing a cleaner style, the new buttons use much simpler HTML that is dramatically easier for users that wish to customize the appearance of the buttons.

There are additional changes made, and if you’re interested in see what they were, you can read through the change log below:

  • Completely rewrote the Reports page with new graphs and Downloads / Customers view
  • Introduced new CSS styles for purchase buttons
  • Fixed a problem with the add-ons page
  • Added new EDD_VERSION constant
  • Fixed a problem with thousands separator and price formatting
  • Replaced date() with date_i18n() for improved internationalization
  • Added new edd_before_download_content hook
  • Added new edd_purchase)history_files hook
  • Added new filter for edd_is_checkout
  • Introduced several new functions for calculating average sales / earnings for individual products
  • Introduced several new functions for counting number of purchases and amount spent for customers
  • Added a contextual help menu to the Discounts page
  • Added a contextual help menu to the edit Download page
  • Fixed a jQuery UI conflict
  • Added new jQuery UI styles that better match core WordPress styles
  • Improved data validation throughout the plugin
  • Fixed a problem with adding items to the cart via ajax when admin/front end http/s protocals are miss matched
  • Added a filter to remove product titles in purchase receipts
  • Added new Polish translation files
  • Fixed the upload field settings field callback JS
  • Significant cleanup of code formatting and adherence of WordPress coding standards
  • Fixed missing item description in PayPal checkout
  • Updated French translation files and default language files
  • Fixed a problem with the total earnings widget

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  1. Pippin Williamson

    Hi Pippin, I only installed the plug-in yesterday, and have not mastered it at all. Do I have to delete the existing one and replace it or will activating this plugin automatically update information that has already been entered?

    1. Pippin Williamson

      I just responded to your other comment, but no, all you need to do is click Install Update and everything will be done for you.

  2. Pippin Williamson

    Hi Pippin,

    First off, thanks for the great job, you and your team are doing!
    (I just moved this comment over from the support forum)
    I appreciate the idea to improve the reports section, still I don’t know if it has really improved (at least for me). Especially the change from displaying sales and earnings as lines rather than bars makes it less readable for me, I find the lines a bit irritating. Lines are not the exact metaphor from my point of view. There’s no line from 3 sales this month to 4 sales next month, it’s just 3 sales vs. 4. Bars were OK for me:)

    I liked the old “overview” with a good visual representation of the most important data at one glimps.

    The table display of products is great, an option for graphic display would be nice. The user table is a nice addition, though it cannot be sorted yet, this would help a lot 🙂

    1. Pippin Williamson

      Thanks for the feedback!

      I can definitely see how the line charts are less informative with fewer sales. The primary reason we made the change was because the line charts worked much better for a couple of the graphing views.

      Have you tried changing the date range to show last month and the current month? There should be a line distinction then.

      The “one glimpse” view was something I personally was struggling with. I agree with you that having a single page that shows all of the info was really nice, but most everyone else on the team disagreed with me 😛 There was definitely a sense of clutter before that is no longer there.

      I debated for a while whether to include multiple graphs on the main reports page, but we ultimately decided that it was better in the long run to separate them into “views”, primarily because it gives us much more flexibility to extend the reports even further.

      Sorting the Customer table is on the todo list 😀

  3. Pippin Williamson

    I can`t reply in your forum so here:
    Yes that`s what I need – can you give me support for this function ?

    1. Pippin Williamson

      Why can’t you reply in the forum? Does it give an error? We need to keep the discussion there. This post is completely out of context for the issue.

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