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Easy Digital Downloads v1.4.2 has just been released and brings several significant bug fixes and quite a few small enhancements.

The primary bug fixes in this release involve a problem with setting prices above 1000, discount codes set to 100% didn’t work correctly, and some issues with jQuery validation of the checkout field.

In regards to enhancements, we have some really good ones for you.

Ajaxed Checkout

When submitting the checkout form, it is now done with ajax, meaning the page never reloads if there are errors present in the checkout data. This not only makes the experience smoother but also ensures that field data doesn’t get emptied out when there is an error.

New Report Views

The Reports page is one of the most important parts of the plugin and we’ve made it better. You can now view a graph of sales / earnings for Today, This Week. and Last Week.

Multi Option Purchase Mode

This enhancement makes it possible to purchase multiple variations of the same product. There is a new setting above the Variable Price section that lets you enable it. When enabled, the variable prices will be displayed as checkboxes that allow the customer to purchase any and all options. This is exceptionally great, for example, for musicians that wish to sell individual tracks and complete albums.

The complete list of changes is below.

  • New: Added sample product import xml file in easy-digital-downloads/assets/
  • New: Variable price purchased now displayed in admin sale notifications
  • New: Checkout submission now done via ajax for improved user experience
  • New: Improved discount code UI during checkout
  • New: Checkout fields now saved (if ajax enabled) when an error is present
  • New: Currency-specific decimal point formatting
  • New: Multiple variations of the same product can now be purchased at one time
  • New: Added option for enabling “multi option purchase mode” for products with variable prices
  • New: Added new sample import file
  • New: Variable price purchased now displayed in purchase history
  • New: Added Today, This Week, and Last Week views to Reports
  • New: Added option to redirect users straight to checkout (works with and without ajax)
  • New: Added new action hooks to discount add/edit pages
  • Fix: Accepted Payment Method icon display issues
  • Fix: Registration during checkout incorrectly required
  • Fix: Admin gateway label was showing on the [edd_receipt] instead of the front end label
  • Fix: Discount codes set to 100% didn’t work
  • Fix: PayPal UK VAT problems that caused purchases to not get completed
  • Fix: jQuery validation didn’t work with multiple payment methods enabled
  • Fix: Prices over 1000 resulted in a price of 1
  • Fix: Incorrect label attribute
  • Fix: Conflict with cart quantities when using custom cart areas
  • Fix: Settings arrays didn’t have keys

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