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It has been a few weeks in development, but Easy Digital Downloads v1.4.4 has just been released. There are a lot of new things that we’re very excited about for this release, including new store user roles, several significantly improved APIs, real zipcode validation during checkout, and more.

The primary enhancement that will be noticeable to users is the new set of store user roles we have added. Shop owners can now better control which employees can see what in the store backend. We introduced four new user roles:

Screenshot from 2013-02-09 10:14:17

  • Shop Manager – This role can do everything
  • Shop Accountant – This role can see payment history, earnings, reports, and manage payments
  • Shop Worker – This role can edit / create products but not see any statistics or reports for the products
  • Shop Vendor – This role can edit / create their own products, but nothing else

These new user roles will give shop owners much great control over who can do what, and also make it easier for shops to bring on additional workers without having to worry about them having access to sensitive information.

We’ve made quite a few other minor enhancements, including adding an alert in the dashboard if the checkout page is ever accidentally deleted, zipcode validation during checkout (if present), excerpt support for the Download post type, improved price display in the dashboard for variable priced items, support for bulk editing product prices, and more.

Along with the enhancements, quite a few bugs were fixed. The most notable being:

  • A missing DIV tag in the Dashboard Summary widget
  • A problem with the Japanese Yen decimal display
  • A problem with HTML encoding of the discounted amount during checkout
  • A problem with inaccurately counting the number of payments in the system
  • A problem with purchase receipts getting sent when changing payment status NOT to complete.

The complete list of changes is below:

  • New: Added new EDD_Export class to more flexible export system
  • New: Pages are auto created and saved to the EDD options on activation
  • New: Added excerpt support to download post type
  • New: Added new filter for [downloads] short code HTML
  • New: Added dashboard alert to payment history when in Test Mode
  • New: Added dashboard alert if the checkout page is deleted
  • New: Show price range for variable priced products in Downloads list
  • New: Introduced edd_get_lowest_price_option() and edd_get_highest_price_option()
  • New: Added support for bulk editing product prices
  • New: Add new shop management user roles
  • New: Validate zip codes during purchase based on country code
  • Fix: Missing DIV tag in Dashboard Summary widget
  • Fix: HTML encoding on total amount returned after applying discount
  • Fix: Discounts on prices over 1000 failed
  • Fix: Set post_date_gmt when creating payments
  • Fix: Japanese YEN decimal display
  • Fix: “All” view in Payment History didn’t count custom statuses
  • Fix: Purchase receipt sent when changing payment status
  • Fix: First name required but not enforced
  • Fix: File URLs didn’t save when file name wasn’t provided

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  1. Pippin Williamson

    Hi Pippin,
    what is with bulk price changing? I think it’s not working for me. Is there any fix for it? (I can edit the code if it’s possible.)

    Thank you,

    1. Pippin Williamson

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