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Cross-sell and Upsell Changelog

Version 1.1.10 — January 8, 2024

  • Compatibility: Minimum requirements updated – PHP 5.6+ WordPress 4.9+, EDD 2.11.4+
  • Compatibility: Added PHP 8.2 support.
  • Compatibility: Improved compatibility with EDD 3.0+ when displaying Cross-Sells and Upsells on the front-end.
  • Reports: Improved efficiency of the export tool.
  • Performance: Improved cross-sell/upsell stats calculation performance.
  • Tools: Cross-sell and Upsell stats are recalculated when using the EDD “Recount Stats” tool.

Version 1.1.9 — March 23, 2021

  • Fix: Errors in PHP 8.
  • Fix: Meta box for selecting a dropdown could crash if you have a lot of products.
  • Tweak: Removed schema data from upsells and cross-sells.
  • Tweak: Update plugin author name and URI.
  • Dev: Added support for EDD 3.0.

Version 1.1.8 (and previous) — January 10, 2021

  • Fix: Fatal error was being caused by incorrect number of parameters being passed to the edd_download_class filter.


  • Fix: The checkout page will now be refreshed when cross-sell downloads are added to the cart


  • Fix: Undefined variable during purchase if Test Mode is enabled
  • Fix: Warning when refunding payments when using PHP 7.1


  • Fix: Cross-sells and Upsells already in the cart should not be displayed


  • Fix: Cross-sells/Upsells not showing reports
  • Tweak: Extension settings moved to sub-section


  • Fix: XSS vulnerability in query args


  • Fix: Default Cross-sell heading was not showing at checkout when their was one trigger download and no per-download cross-sell heading defined


  • New: Plugin activation script
  • Fix: Plugin no longer deactivates itself when EDD is updated
  • Fix: When no cross-sell/upsell heading is specified there is no longer empty heading tags in the HTML
  • Tweak: Removed unnecessary EDD licensing files
  • Tweak: Updated translation file/s


  • Fix: Incorrect cross-sell heading being shown at checkout when two cross-sell trigger products had exactly the same cross-sells
  • New: Cross-sell/Upsell Reporting via Downloads -> reports. Select either Cross-sells or Upsells from the select menu
  • New: Cross-sell/Upsell Exporting via Downloads -> reports -> export. Export Cross-sell or Upsell history
  • New: Cross-sell/Upsell Logging via Downloads -> reports -> Logs. Select either Cross-sells or Upsells from the select menu
  • New: “View Order Details” page via Downloads -> Payment History now shows you whether the order had cross-sells or upsells included
  • Tweak: Updated translations


  • New: edd_csau_upsell_show_button filter which allows you to hide or show the add to cart buttons.
  • Tweak: Added apply_filters to download class to better match shortcode


  • Fix: Changed priority of custom metabox to “high” so the select menu does not get cut off when there are many downloads, making it difficult to select downloads


  • First release.