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Frontend Submissions Changelog

Version 2.5.6 — July 31, 2017

  • Fix: Auto-approve vendor submission option does not work and leaves products as pending review

Version 2.5.5 — July 28, 2017

  • Fix: File upload filter has unneeded checks which can result in errors
  • Fix: All submitted products are saved as drafts

Version 2.5.4 — July 24, 2017

  • Fix: Save Draft option did not work in Safari and Firefox browsers

Version 2.5.3 — July 18, 2017

  • Tweak: Improved status labels on the Download list table
  • Tweak: Improved capitalization of URL
  • Tweak: Changed “Submit” to “Log In” and “Register” where appropriate
  • Tweak: Added spacing between Submit and Save Draft
  • Fix: PHP notice on vendor registration form on some installs
  • Fix: Missing borders on vendor dashboard when there are no comments
  • Fix: Draft products cannot be submitted for review
  • Fix: Incorrect product statuses shown in product overview
  • Fix: “Invalid arguments” error when uploading files

Version 2.5.2 — June 18, 2017

  • Fix: Email field shows incorrect validation error

Version 2.5.1 — June 16, 2017

  • Fix: Registration form builder broken when the form contains the Display Name field
  • Fix: Incorrect ID attribute on Submission Form legend
  • Fix: Typo on Submission Form and Login Form legend class names

Version 2.5 — June 12, 2017

  • New: Save Draft option has been added to the product submission form
  • New: An email that is sent when scheduled products are published has been added
  • New: A recount stats tool for vendor accounts has been introduced
  • New: A “Toggle” field type has been added for the submission, registration, and profile forms
  • New: Three template files have been added for frontend-edit-product.php, frontend-new-product.php, and frontend-profile.php
  • New: Vendor avatars now support all of the standard sizes
  • New: Additional hooks have been added to the Orders tab of the vendor dashboard
  • New: The Earnings tab of the vendor dashboard now displays an overview of the vendor’s earnings
  • Tweak: Extensive improvements have been made to all frontend markup
  • Tweak: Additional parameters have been added to several hooks
  • Tweak: The opt-in data tracking has been removed
  • Tweak: The settings that allowed the form used for submission, profile, contact, and registration have been removed as they were problematic and not needed
  • Fix: Quick edit did not work on the Downloads list table
  • Fix: Editing a product from the backend can result in media files being reassigned to the site admin
  • Fix: Account approved email not sent when vendors are manually approved
  • Fix: Files section of the Prices and Files field not shown on product edit screen in certain conditions
  • Fix: Pagination not working properly in several places
  • Fix: Error message missing when pasting a file URL into the file upload field
  • Fix: Orders show incorrect status on the vendor dashboard when they are any status other than Complete
  • Fix: File uploads not always attached to the product they are uploaded to
  • Fix: Usage of the deprecated get_page() function has been replaced with get_post()

Version 2.4.8 — May 8, 2017

  • Tweak: Adjusted Vendor card view layout.
  • Tweak: Added pagination to vendor card view Products listing.

Version 2.4.7 — April 5, 2017

  • Fix: Log out link is incorrect for suspended vendor accounts
  • Fix: Pagination broken on Products tab of Vendor Dashboard
  • Fix: Pagination broken on Orders tab of Vendor Dashboard
  • Fix: Some characters incorrectly removed from valid email addresses
  • Fix: Product count incorrect in Vendors list
  • Fix: No error message shown when vendors attempt to update their profile with an already-used email address
  • Fix: Not all vendors listed in vendor drop down on product edit screen
  • Fix: Incorrect price assignment in some cases during product submission
  • Tweak: Improved some strings for translation
  • Tweak: Added translation context to submit buttons

Version 2.4.6 — March 13, 2017

  • New: File Upload field now includes support for limiting uploads to specific file types
  • Tweak: User ID shown on vendor details page now linked to user edit screen
  • Tweak: Log in form now supports logging in with email
  • Tweak: Admin tool bar no longer shown to pending or suspended vendor accounts
  • Tweak: Use meta caps instead of outdated user roles for vendors
  • Tweak: fes_get_attachment_id() function now uses attachment_url_to_postid() function
  • Tweak: Improved function that retrieves vendor product counts
  • Fix: Incorrect edd-required indicator class on input fields
  • Fix: “Use FES’s CSS” option not enabled by default on new installs
  • Fix: Session variables used to detect edit and create screens can get mixed up
  • Fix: Default value not shown in text fields
  • Fix: reCaptcha field does not work on vendor contact form
  • Fix: Repeat fields save values as “Array” if fields are left empty
  • Fix: Import / export of forms does not work

Version 2.4.5 — November 10, 2016

  • Fix: JavaScript error on some pages when Debug Bar Console plugin is activated
  • Fix: edd_vars variable not defined on the vendor reports tab
  • Fix: Downloads list table not responsive when FES is activated
  • Fix: Undefined variable in vendor shop template
  • Tweak: PDF report files now included in FES in anticipation of them being removed from EDD core in the future

Version 2.4.4 — October 12, 2016

  • Fix: Undefined ‘name’ array key on submission form when using taxonomy field
  • Fix: Possible fatal error on log in / registration submission
  • Fix: Possible fatal error on form submission
  • Fix: Possible fatal error in taxonomy field
  • Fix: Possible fatal error in emails class

Version 2.4.3 — October 3, 2016

  • New: Vendor avatar fields can now be changed from backend
  • New: “fes_submission_form_header” filter
  • Tweak: Terms and conditions field now includes an option for setting the checkbox label independently of the field label
  • Tweak: Terms and conditions field now no longer outputs empty label div
  • Tweak: Admin notice shown if no page is selected for Vendor Dashboard is now linked to the proper settings screen
  • Tweak: Improved description for frontend meta display options
  • Fix: Non-FES metaboxes will no longer be shown on edit form screens
  • Fix: Uninitialized string offer warnings with repeat fields
  • Fix: Repeat fields save incorrect in admin area in some cases
  • Fix: Vendor name not shown in page title of vendor shop pages
  • Fix: JavaScript and CSS files failing to load in the admin area when site is translated into certain languages
  • Fix: frontend.css file loading incorrectly on EDD purchase history page
  • Fix: Default WordPress Avatar settings showing current user’s avatar
  • Fix: HTML not escaped properly in checkbox labels
  • Fix: HTML not properly stripped / escaped in field labels
  • Fix: Downloads with Private status shown as having Trash status
  • Fix: “vendor” hard-coded on frontend instead of using label settings
  • Fix: Email notifications sent to admin when publishing products from the backend
  • Fix: Script IDs reversed on CSS and js files

Version 2.4.2 — May 6, 2016

  • Fix: Watermarks from Download Image Watermark not applying on new product submissions
  • Fix: Editing a live product converts the status to Pending even when Auto-Approve Edits is enabled
  • Fix: Editing a product creates a duplicate product on some sites

Version 2.4.1 — March 18, 2016

  • Fix: Media files not loading on non-download post type edit screens

Version 2.4.0 — March 14, 2016

  • New: Moved to EDD Settings from Redux
  • New: Added submenu for settings in FES that redirects to EDD settings tab for FES
  • New: Added filter to change content of login shortcode when user is logged in
  • New: PHP7 compatibility
  • New: Detect lack of imagick or gd and show notice
  • Tweak: Username field can no longer appear on the profile form
  • Tweak: FES will no longer set default commission rates, just turn it on
  • Tweak: Removed
  • in password repeat label
  • Fix: Can’t uncheck “Enable image upload in post area” setting
  • Fix: Custom registration fields don’t show up in admin email notification
  • Fix: Empty class (attribute) output on vendor dashboard menu items
  • Fix: Submission fields don’t get saved in admin unless all required fields are filled out
  • Fix: Taxonomy Field Error when no taxonomies are present
  • Fix: Undefined variable on the post transition filter
  • Fix: Deprecated notice for “like_escape()”
  • Fix: Submission form Categories & Tags fields did not output Text Input terms
  • Fix: Undefined variable: selected in Vendor Metabox
  • Fix: EDD CSS being Output with [fes_login_registration_form] even when CSS setting turned off
  • Fix: Bug in opt-in tracking class
  • Fix: Typo in name of formatted_data() filter
  • Fix: l10n un-translated “Order #” string

Version 2.3.11 — January 22, 2016

  • New: Added better filter to allow extensions to mark files field as valid

Version 2.3.10 — January 21, 2016

  • Fix: Avatar on vendor dashboard page shows avatar of current user, not vendor
  • Fix: Rich text option missing from textarea fields
  • Fix: Password field in the Profile form does not save
  • Fix: Checkboxes cannot be unchecked
  • Fix: Nickname field cannot be added

Version 2.3.9 — January 4, 2016

  • Tweak: Corrected label in regards to one of the email settings
  • Tweak: Allow admins to access entire media library in frontend
  • Fix: Fixed issue with taxonomy email tags not working
  • Fix: Fixed issue with Download Image Watermark extension compatibility
  • Fix: Fixed issue that prevented custom vendor shop names from working
  • Fix: Fixed issue where single option multiple price fields couldn’t be saved
  • Fix: Fixed issue where wp_login action called by FES ran with only 1 of 2 parameters (caused compatibility issue with Jetpack)
  • Fix: Added safety in vendor shop class for a vendor object not being returned
  • Fix: Fixed issue where repeat fields could not be saved in the formbuilder
  • Fix: Fixed issue where post excerpt fields would not be visible on the frontend
  • Fix: Corrected a race condition on the formbuilder when more than 1 field was attempted to be inserted at the same time
  • Fix: The select field now respects the required option
  • Fix: get_queried_vendor() triggers fatal error if $wp_query is not an object

Version 2.3.8 — December 15, 2015

  • Fix: Fixes fatal error caused by non-object (legacy) fields.