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EDD Purchase Rewards

Increase sales and build customer loyalty by rewarding customers

EDD Purchase Rewards allows a site owner to reward customers with a discount code once a purchase is made. This will not only lead to repeat sales by the customer, but build customer loyalty.

The discount code can either be a preselected discount code that you create, or you can choose to automatically generate a unique, one-time use discount code (percentage or flat rate).

A minimum purchase amount can be set, and you can also force the customer to share to at least 1 social network before the discount is given to them. The discount code is shown on the purchase confirmation page but can be optionally emailed to the customer.


  1. Offer a discount code to your customer for purchasing
  2. Force the customer to share to at least 1 social network before receiving their reward
  3. Set a minimum purchase amount before the customer receives the discount
  4. Select between an existing discount code, or auto generate one, flat or percentage
  5. Choose to send the discount to the customer via email
  6. Customize the reward email
  7. Customize the twitter message
  8. Customize the default sharing title
  9. Customize the default sharing message
  10. Customize the reward title
  11. Customize the reward message
  12. Customize the reward sharing title
  13. Customize the reward sharing message
  14. Customize the reward sharing thanks title
  15. Customize the reward sharing thanks message

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