Frontend Submissions


Frontend Submissions provides a full-featured package to allow users to submit products for review from the frontend of your site.

Users can register and apply to become a vendor; once approved, vendors are free to upload new products from their frontend vendor’s dashboard. When a product is uploaded for review, site admins are alerted of the submission and are then free to review the product. Submissions can be accepted or rejected with the click of a button.

The Vendor’s Dashboard displays a list of pending and accepted products for the vendor, as well as a stats table that shows the number of sales for each product.

Frontend Submissions is the perfect extension to turn your Easy Digital Downloads store into a full-fledged marketplace.

This extension is fully integrated with Commissions to automatically set the vendor as the recipient of commissions when they upload products. Use the FESCOMMISSIONS discount code to save 20% when both are purchased together.
Important Compatibility Notes

What themes support FES?

All themes in the EDD Themes Marketplace support FES. Some themes are enhanced to get more out of FES like, Marketify, Stocky, Checkout, and Squarecode.

Does FES support the Commissions extension?

FES and Commissions are fully integrated. Vendors can be automatically set to receive commissions when they upload products. Use the FESCOMMISSIONS discount code to save 20% when both are purchased together.

Does FES work with Download Image Watermark?

Yes it does!

Does FES work with Recurring Payments so vendors can sell subscriptions?

Recurring Payments and FES are not fully integrated. Vendors will not be able to set recurring payment details in the submission form. However, recurring payment functionality can be enabled for vendor-uploaded products through the Edit Download screen once submitted.

Does FES work with Simple Shipping?

Yes. FES fully supports Simple Shipping.

Is FES compatible with WPML?

No. While FES is not compatible with WPML, it is translation-ready using the standard .po/.mo file system.

Does FES support the Amazon S3 extension?

Yes it does!

Does FES support the Dropbox File Store extension?

Not at this time.

Does FES support the Purchase Limits extension?

Purchase Limit and FES are not fully integrated. Vendors will not be able to set purchase limitations on their submissions. However, limitations can be set for vendor-uploaded products through the Edit Download screen once submitted.

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Version 2.2.17: 3/9/2015

  • Fix: Undefined variable notice when WP_DEBUG is enabled

Version 2.2.16: 2/27/2015

  • Fix: Fatal error due to improper function call

Version 2.2.15: 2/3/2015

  • Fix: Multi-column repeatable fields do not save properly
  • Fix: From Name / Address not set properly on vendor contact form
    Fix: Fields should not be required in the admin area

Version 2.2.14: 2/12/2015

  • Fix: Added missing translation functions. Login and contact forms can now be translated via translation plugins

Version 2.2.13: 2/07/2015

  • Fix: fatal error with wp_get_current_user() function caused by Redux framework

Version 2.2.12: 2/05/2015

  • Fix: Updated Redux libraries to the latest version to resolve conflicts with other plugins using the latest version
  • Fix: Image files are now detached from the Download product when deleting them from the File Upload field

Version 2.2.11: 1/30/2015

  • Fix: Allow all valid mimetypes to be uploaded with a file path
  • Fix: Default text for Vendor Announcement area cannot be translated

Version 2.2.10: 12/16/2014

  • Fix: Vendor page not properly set in settings during install
  • Fix: Repeatable field type shows error if no meta_key is set
  • Fix: Avatar removed after updating profile
  • Fix: From name / email not set properly for vendor contact form submissions
  • Fix: Undefined index of $input_type
  • Fix: Commissions tab on vendor edit screen unreliable. Now links to filtered Commissions table
  • Fix: Improver reliability of custom vendor shop URLs

Version 11/12/2014

  • New: Adds context to the edit vendor page in regards to number of products a vendor has pending, published, etc.
  • New: Vendors are now shown in the author dropdown for downloads in the backend
  • Fix: Unsuspending vendor does not restore comments
  • Fix: Admins can now update vendor avatars from the backend
  • Fix: Emails from FES are now sent after meta is saved, meaning you can now use tags for things like category (and other taxonomy) as well as custom meta in the submission form emails
  • Fix: Commission tab on edit vendor in backend does not show sales/commissions
  • Fix: TOC field now displays on the vendor profile form
  • Fix: TOC field now saves results (and doesn't show again once agreed to).
  • Tweak: Swapped out all remaining links to for ones to EDD's site
  • Tweak: Admins can now edit vendor's passwords on the edit vendor screen in the backend
  • Tweak: FES no longer automatically deactivates if EDD isn't present. It now simply doesn't load.
  • Tweak: All FES emails now use EDD_Email class and templates
  • Tweak: Vendors no longer have to resubmit captchas on posts that they already did a successful captcha for

Version 10/27/2014

  • Tweak: Set a session variable flag when on the vendor dashboard so extensions, such as Download Image Watermark, can more easily detect actions that take place from the vendor dashboard

Version 10/22/2014

  • Fix: Improper vendor ID passed to contact form
  • Fix: Improper rewrite rules when using custom vendor store slugs
  • Fix: Improved vendor suspension processing to ensure items can't accidentally be permanently deleted
  • Fix: Updated language files

Version 9/121/2014

  • Fix: Featured Images can't be saved on Download products


  • Fix: On removing a featured image, the image box still thought it had an image in it
  • Fix: Can't remove featured image in certain cases
  • Fix: Welcome screen CSS loaded on all admin pages
  • Fix: Meta_value doesn't save in admin for hidden fields.
  • Fix: Customers can't see receipts

Version, 9/14/2014

  • Fix: Recaptcha when used over SSL
  • Fix: Incorrect post meta key that caused the profile form import to fail
  • Fix: Incorrect called to edd_get_option() that caused the profile form short code to fail
  • Tweak: Added the "style" tag to the whitelist for HTML attributes
  • New: Introduced the fes_application_pending_message filter

Version 8/28/2014

  • Fix: Media upload error for vendors

Version 8/27/2014

  • Fix: Email tags for categories and tags
  • Fix: Pagination on vendor stores
  • Fix: Some headers that could not be translated
  • Fix: Prevent errors from being displayed if attempting to view the store for a non-existent vendor
  • Fix: Prevent vendors from viewing items on receipts that don't belong to them (EDD 2.1+ only)
  • Fix: Incorrect vendor slug during install

Version 8/12/2014

  • Tweak: Allow plain image names in the file upload fields instead of just full URLs
  • Fix: Missing icon on the Earnings tab

Version 7/28/2014

  • Fix: Avatar fields weren't saving properly when the image was removed
  • New: Added new action hooks to the registration and contact form processing
  • Tweak: Added support for H6 tags in the HTML tag whitelist

Version 7/15/2014

  • Fix: Accept Terms field didn't render on the profile form
  • Fix: The Captcha field didn't render on the vendor contact form

Version 7/10/2014

  • Fix: Images not getting attached to the download when uploaded from the submission form

Version 7/2/2014

  • Fix: Emails not getting sent from the vendor contact form

Version 2.2.9: 7/2/2014

  • Fix: Submitting the vendor contact form leads to a 404 error
  • Fix: Vendor emails when an application is automatically approved don't get sent
  • Fix: File URLs don't save when prices and names are disabled
  • Fix: Manually modified commission rates get wiped out when a product is updated
  • Fix: File upload field repeats numerous times when a meta_key is not supplied
  • Fix: Short codes improperly echoing content instead of returning it

Version 2.2.8: 6/26/2014

  • Fix: Infinite loop during post save that resulted in thousands of duplicate products on a small number of sites

Version 2.2.7: 6/25/2014

  • Fix: Application and Profile forms cannot be updated from the admin
  • Fix: Pagination in the Vendors admin table doesn't function
  • Fix: Scheduled products are not visible in the Vendor Dashboard
  • Fix: Bug with last price option being able to be removed
  • Fix: Poor I18N of the Registration submit button text
  • Fix: Application form in the admin showed incorrect user's information
  • Fix: Missing rewrite rule that caused the Vendor page to 404 with the Marketify theme
  • Fix: Disabling the toolbar for Vendors didn't function properly

Version 2.2.6: 6/20/2014

  • Fix: Preset price option names / amounts don't save when changing the descriptions or amounts is disabled
  • Fix: Application Received emails are not sent
  • Fix: Biography field does not save during registration
  • Fix: Vendor store URL on dashboard does not respect custom vendor permalinks

Version 2.2.5: 6/16/2014

  • Fix: Number of products wrong on the Vendor Edit screen
  • Fix: Headers already sent error when clicking on "Approve" for a pending vendor
  • Fix: Application status emails not sent
  • Fix: The Add File button shouldn't show when files are limited to one
  • Fix: Vendor personal details not saved on registration
  • Fix: is_pending() method doesn't properly detect vendors that have multiple roles
  • Fix: Product sorting links in Vendor Dashboard don't work
  • Fix: Number of products in Vendors list incorrect
  • Fix: Editing a pending product publishes it
  • Fix: Allow file URLs that start with "file:" to pass validation
  • Fix: Undefined index for placeholder attribute on vendor profile form
  • Fix: Tags not properly stripped from post excerpt
  • Fix: Vendor contact form sometimes pre-populated site admin details
  • Fix: Vendor permalinks don't respect custom slugs for pretty permalinks
  • Tweak: Added a CSS classname option to the Section Break and Accept Terms field types
  • Tweak: Improved the loading indicator when adding a new field to a form editor

Version 2.2.4: 6/7/2014

  • Fix: Emails have no formatting and lose all line breaks
  • Fix: Vendor name / email lost when replying to comments from the dashboard
  • Fix: Non-required profile fields cannot be left empty after a value has been saved
  • Fix: "Name of Store" profile field doesn't save updates
  • Fix: Pagination on Vendor store pages fails
  • Fix: Non-required checkbox fields with a single value cannot be unset

Version 2.2.3: 6/5/2014

  • New: Faster loading time with 58 less database calls in in the backend and 22 less calls on the frontend by stopping FES_Setup from being called twice and moving instantiation of roles from FES_Setup to FES_Install
  • New: FES Tools on the form import/export page offers a 1 click solution to remove any extraneous fes-forms
  • New: FES import/export forms page has been redesigned
  • New: FES forms can now be reset to defaults on the import/export forms page
  • New: Don't show "add file" if disabled
  • Tweak: Combo registration & login view on vendor dashboard has been given a rework to allow it to show one form at full width if the other form isn't applicable. Now more intelligently detects if a person is already a vendor.
  • Fix: Form import/export process fixed
  • Fix: Contact form first and last name fields sometimes disabled
  • Fix: Username field sometimes disabled on the registration form
  • Fix: Admin bar doesn't show for admins if hide admin bar feature turned off
  • Fix: Vendor URL for dashboard sometimes off when author archive pages enabled
  • Fix: Email tags for post-categories and post-tags re-added (accidentally removed in 2.2)
  • Fix: Removed jQuery Validate (no longer being used)

Version 5/22/2014

  • Fix: bug with retrieving the vendor store URL from the dashboard
  • Fix: bug with registration form showing incorrect fields for logged-in users

Version 2.2.2: 5/22/2014

  • Fix: bug with vendor URLs not resolving properly
  • Fix: paragraph text loses formatting after submission
  • Fix: error message about not being able to create a user with an empty user name
  • Fix: access denied error when viewing a vendor
  • Fix: profile password error message
  • Fix: vendor Announcement area doesn't allow short codes
  • Fix: form importer / exports broken
  • New: added a Country field to the Profile form editor
  • Tweak: use the manage_shop_settings capability instead of manage_options
  • Tweak: vendor contact details are now pre-filled

Version 2.2.1: 5/11/2014

  • Fix: Fatal error with member function and Marketify

Version 2.2: 5/9/2014

  • New: Introduces the much requested vendor contact form
  • New: Full integration with EDD Audio Player
  • New: Converted to using the WordPress Media Uploader for all uploaders
  • New: Introduced a new featured image/avatar uploader
  • New: Over 200 new filters and actions to make it more developer friendly
  • New: Redesigned form editor makes creating forms even easier than before
  • New: Added validation for the multiple price field
  • New: Allows vendors to change the name of their store
  • New: Allows vendors to change the email the vendor contact form sends emails for them to
  • New: Added a simple UI to let store owners set prices and the names of price options on the multiple pricing field
  • New: Added more ways to customize the multiple pricing field to meet your exact store needs
  • New: Allows for a consistent email experience with FES
  • New: Added the ability to use fields from the profile, registration and submission forms in emails
  • New: Added the ability for people to create their own email tags
  • New: New settings panel with the ability to import/export settings
  • New: New vendor management list table to let store owners easily manage vendors
  • New: Added the ability for store owners to instantly see the data entered into the profile and registration forms of vendors
  • New: Added the ability to import and export FES Forms
  • New: Added the ability to revoke previously approved submissions and vendors
  • New: Added a new System Info allowing quick access to essential inform for support purposes
  • New: Moved from 5 uploaders to 2 really nice new ones that use the WP Media Manager
  • New: Merged the vendor application and registration forms into a single 1 step form submission process, making it easier for vendors to sign up
  • New: Added the ability to show a CAPTCHA field on the vendor contact and login forms
  • New: Added the ability to let customers sign into the vendor dashboard\'s login form and be brought to the My Account page
  • New: Added new shortcodes to let you show information from the submission form on the frontend of products
  • New: Added new shortcodes to render all of the forms
  • New: Changed the vendor store URLS to use pretty permalinks
  • New: Created the ability for vendors to be able to see orders involving their products
  • New: Integrated with Simple Shipping to allow vendors to mark orders as "completed"
  • New: Added a "forgot password" link to the login form
  • New: FES now loads templates for FES found in the edd_templates folder of themes
  • New: Multiple price field is now validated
  • New: Checkbox fields are now validated
  • New: Added direct complete integration with EDD Audio Player (update of that plugin required)
  • New: Added the ability to suspend and unsuspend vendor accounts
  • New: Added a link from vendor products in the backend to their respective edit vendor page
  • New: FES now uses minified versions of our JS and CSS by default (toggle off via a filter) on the frontend
  • New: Added the ability to predefine prices and names of price options on the multiple pricing field
  • New: Added a helper function to get FES settings
  • Changed: All vendors now use the frontend_vendor role (even if it's not their primary role). Use of fes_is_vendor cap is no longer supported (for performance reasons)
  • Changed: All settings now use the global $fes_settings variable. Names have changed on a few settings
  • Changed: From functions to filters to actions to settings, "edd_fes" has been replaced to the less redundant "fes" so all of them are consistently named. Also, whenever possible, underscores have been changed to "-"s
  • Bug: A littany of small bugs were fixed. Too many to name.
  • Bug: Now no more fatal errors if FES Forms aren't created in admin area.
  • Bug: Removed password strength meter
  • Bug: Fixed all the strict errors
  • Bug: reCAPTCHA now uses the clean theme
  • Bug: Fixed a bug where on some setups, files were not protected

Version, 04/02/2014
Removed the settings dump on System Info

Version 2.1.9, 3/24/2014
Bug: issue with avatars not saving on application submission.

Version 2.1.8, 3/18/2014
Bug: updated licensing / updater to use the version included in EDD core.

Version 2.1.7, 3/11/2014
Bug: Fixed an issue with discount code validation.

Version 2.1.6: 3/9/2014
Bug: Fixed an issue with the featured image not saving
Bug: Fixed an issue that caused products to be duplicated many, many times
Bug: Fixed an issue with the profile avatar field not saving
Bug: Removed ability for vendors to upload unfiltered HTML
Bug: Fixed issue with avatar field not being able to be added to the form editor properly
Bug: Fixed some improper colloquial language
Bug: Fixed outdated language files

Version 2.1.5: 2/25/2014
Bug: Fixed an issue with editing / saving multiple files with the File Upload field

Version 2.1.4, 1/30/2014
Fixed an undefined variable error shown when editing a product.

Version 2.1.3, 1/23/2014
Bug: clicking \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Add Price Option\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" added two rows
Bug: Price options couldn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t be deleted
Bug: Price name isn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t saved when submitting just one price

Version 2.1.2: 1/18/2013
Bug: avatars could not be deleted from the profile editor
Bug: fields container goes off screen on small screens, making it impossible to add some fields
Bug: commissions not automatically enabled on product submission

Version 2.1.1: January 14, 2014
Bug: vendors could see media files that were not their own
Bug: minor layout issues on the Vendor Dashboard page
Bug: Disabling vendor registration didn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t work

Version 2.1, January 11, 2014
Feature: Added the ability for vendors to delete products
Feature: Added the ability for vendors to edit products
Feature: The application process is now an FES form
Feature: Removed a ton of CSS and JS
Feature: FES Formbuilder has been improved with better labels, more responsive css, and a new design
Bug: Removed Add New button from FES forms page
Bug: CSS classes are now consistent
Bug: Fixed an issue with Author URLs getting hijacked for non-vendors
Bug: Fixed an issue with vendor pages showing all downloads, not just those of the current vendor
Bug: Fixed an issue with 404\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s on author pages
Bug: Improved the install/update script
Bug: Fixed an issue with approving / denying vendor applications in bulk
Bug: Fixed numerous undefined index errors
Bug: Fixed improper and missing text domains

Version 2.0.5 - December, 21, 2013
Fixes CSS Setting issue

Version 2.0.4, December 10, 2013
Feature: Adds options to prices and files field
Bug: Field values of login/register forms not lost on error now
Bug: Vendors not allowed to upload product files

Version 2.0.3 - 11/24/2013
Bug: change \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"changes\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" to uppercase on settings panel
Bug: Flash of intro message on FES_forms on saved forms fixed
Bug: Shortcode redirects no longer cause fatal errors
Bug: Vendors were accidentally always getting approved

Version 2.0.2 - 11/23/13
New: Replaced CList with direct links to FES-forms
New: MP6 compatibility
New: Author page now redirects to vendor page
Bug: Vendors if allowed to go to backend, can no longer edit products
Bug: Fatal error caused by typo of email function name
Bug: Comments form hidden on submission form view
Bug: CSS caused publish button to look odd on edit download

Version 2.0.1, November 18, 2013
Corrected a spelling mistake and solved an install bug.

Version 2.0, November 14, 2013
New: FES Forms added
New: Vendor dashboard reorganized
New: Admin download list reorganized
Bugs: Hundreds of bugs fixed.

Version 1.1.9
Fixed an issue with file uploads.

Version 1.1.6
Fixed an error with a missing upload dir function.

Version 1.1.5
Fixes the last email bug
Adds partial s3 support

Version 1.1: 6/17/2013
Fix email bug
Fix styling bug

Version 1.0.1
Fixed an issue with the licensing / updater.

Version 1.0
Initial release.

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