Version 1.4.6, August 9, 2021 Version 1.4.5, March 14, 2019 Version 1.4.4, October 2, 2017 Version, September 18, 2017 Version - September 13, 2017 Version - September 8, 2017 Version - August 25, 2017 Version 1.4.3 - March 16, 2017 Version, January 4, 2017 Version, December 20, 2016 Version, September 22, 2016 Version, May 20, 2016 Version 1.4.2, May 20, 2016 Version 1.4.1, January 15, 2016 Version, November 5, 2015 Version 1.4, November 2, 2015 Version 1.3.11, February 11, 2015 Version 1.3.10, December 16, 2014 Version 1.3.9, September 2, 2014 Version 1.3.8, August 26, 2014 Version 1.3.7 Updated licensing code to be compliant with new EDD standards. Version 1.3.5 Fixed a sometimes-conflict with Jetpack and other plugins that output content in the header. Version 1.3.4 Fixed an undefined index error. [toggle title=\\\"Change Log\\\"] Version 1.3.3 Fixed an issue with discount codes. Version 1.3.2 Added complete localization. Added support for the new fee API coming in EDD 1.5. Version 1.3 January 12, 2013 Added payment notes for recording PayPal transaction IDs. Fixed compatibility issues with EDD 1.4.1. Version 1.2.4 Made a minor improvement to how the payment ID is retrieved. Version 1.2.3 Fixed an issue with payments through Express getting marked as \\\"Failed\\\". Version 1.2.2 Fixed a significant security issue with PayPal Express. Added support for WPML locale detection. Fixed missing customer names in PayPal Pro. Version 1.2.1 Fixed a bug with first/last names not getting carried over to PayPal. Fixed an issue with payments not getting confirmed (PayPal Express). Added Taxed amount to payment confirmation (PayPal Express). Version 1.2 Added gateway error logging. Added automatic failed payment detection. Added automatic plugin updater. Fixed a bug with currency codes in PayPal Express. Version 1.1 Updated the credit card form to use the default credit card form included with EDD instead of a custom one. Version 1.0.7 Fixed some formatting issues with payment confirmation prices. Version 1.0.6 Fixed a major bug that caused declined payments with PayPal Express to be considered complete. v1.0.5 Fixed a bug with PayPal Express and non USD currencies. Fixed a problem with HTML entities getting decoded correctly in the PayPal purchase description. v1.0.4 Pre-filled fields when an error occurs so buyers are not forced to re-enter everything. Fixed a spelling error with the Year field. v1.0.3 Improved credit card form markup. Added a fieldset legend. Added .card-expiration to the expiration date wrapper. v1.0.2 Fixed a bug that occurred while processing credit cards. v1.0.1 Fixed a miss-named field. Added support for variable prices. v1.0 Initial release.